The Literature reappraisal contains four subdivisions. First subdivision identifies the impacts of touristry on finishs. The 2nd portion gives an overview of sustainable touristry and community based touristry [ CBT ] . The 3rd subdivision outlines the touristry policy in Kerala and the recent touristry statistics and the last subdivision gives an debut to the Homestay touristry in Kerala.

Impacts of touristry on finishs

Due to the huge growing of touristry, which cause several impacts, both positive and negative to the finishs and the host community like Economic, Environmental and Socio -Cultural impacts.

2.1 a- Economic Impacts

The World Tourism Organisation [ WTO, 1994 ] has been identified touristry as one of the fastest turning industries in the universe. Tourism has been an immoveable factor in the development universe because of its assorted benefits like foreign exchange net incomes, substructure development etc. Mastany [ cited by Ramu, Raghavalu, Satyanarayana 2007 ] , says that “ Tourism is the lone economic sector where developing states systematically run a trade excess ” .

Feinstein and Gladstone [ 1999, cited in Loannides 2003 ] argue that, other than touristry, metropoliss presents have few options for economic development. The business district of big and little metropoliss are peculiarly attractive for touristry related enterprises because these countries frequently possess a big proportion of a community ‘s historical resources and miss the dull uniformity that characterises suburban country [ Kunstler, 1993 ; Feinstein and Stokes, 1995 ; Beauregard, 1998 ; cited in Loannides, 2003 ] . Ghosh [ 1999 ] noted that, touristry has economic effects by a ) making employment and income and B ) contributing to the balance of payments. Rusi [ 2006 ] argue that as a service sector, it is really hard to mensurate the economic part of touristry.

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The touristry industry creates ample net incomes in host states. The growing differences between developed and developing states may go self -perpetuating as the former return advantage of economic systems of graduated table which are supported by trade [ Rivera – Batiz and Romer, 1991 ; cited in Sinclair and Stabler, 1997 ] . Harmonizing to Weaver and Lawton [ 2006 ] , the most of import economic factor associated with increased touristry demand is affluence.

The impacts of touristry can either be negative or be positive. Harmonizing to Kraeg, 2001 [ cited in seagrant web site ] , the positive and negative economic impacts of touristry are ;

Positive Impacts

Creates new concern chances, Increases employment chances, Improves transport substructure, Contributes to income and criterion of life, Improves investing, development, and substructure disbursement, Improves local economic system, Increases revenue enhancement grosss, Economic impact ( direct, indirect, induced disbursement ) is widespread in the community, Improves public public-service corporations substructure, Increase opportunities for shopping.

Negative impacts

Cost for extra substructure ( H2O, cloaca, power, fuel, medical, etc. ) , Increases monetary value of goods and services, Increases monetary value of land and lodging, Increases cost of life, Increases route care and transit systems costs, Increases possible for imported labour, , Competition for land with other ( higher value ) economic utilizations, Net incomes may be exported by non-local proprietors, Jobs may pay low rewards,

Seasonal touristry creates bad, under- or unemployment issues.

2.1 b -Environmental Impacts

The environment of the finish plays a critical portion in the development of touristry. The tourers invariably prefer to see a healthy and more attractive environment. The natural and adult male made environment that offers tonss of attractive forces for tourer can make both positive and negative impacts every bit good. The WTO [ 1994 ] , Rusi [ 2006 ] , clearly defined the positive and negative environmental impacts of touristry. The good organized touristry can supply the undermentioned positive impacts ;

It helps to protect the major attractive forces for tourers like natural resources, wildlife, national and regional Parkss, woods etc.

It helps to take attention of the assets like archaeological and historical memorials, castle, garrisons and old-timers that attract tourers to the finishs.

It helps to better the quality of the milieus in finishs and avoid different types of pollutions like air, H2O, noise and ocular pollutions. Improvement of substructure like H2O supply, sewerage and solid waste disposal, besides play an of import function to better the quality of a finish.

It helps to do cognizant the immature coevals about the importance of protecting their local environment that offers them an first-class calling chance. Nowadays the immature coevals is more interested in come ining touristry sector because of its legion benefits.

However there are some negative environmental impacts besides. They are ;

Improper development of solid waste disposal system and sewerage consequences in pollutions like, river, lake and coastal H2O from sewerage outfall lines and of groundwater by ooze of waste stuff.

The inordinate usage of vehicles for the intent of touristry consequences in air pollution. The usage of Airplanes by the tourers for the long distance travel besides consequences in air and noise pollution.

As a consequence of the hapless planning and technology of tourers attractive forces and installations cause environmental jeopardies and land usage jobs.

The usage of big advertisement marks, barely designed hotels and other tourer installations can make ocular pollution.

The overexploitation and abuse by tourers and touristry development consequences in the ecological break of natural countries and harm to archaeological and historic sites.

2.1 hundred -Socio-Cultural Impact

Coccossis and Mexa [ 2004 ] , argue that the sociocultural constituent refers chiefly to those societal facets which are of import to local communities, as they relate to the presence and growing of touristry. Social and demographic issues such as trained forces handiness, local work force chances, the alterations in household forms and widening societal dealingss to sociocultural issues such as the local community designation are besides included.

Harmonizing to Weaver and Lawton [ 2006 ] , the major societal tendencies that have influenced engagement in touristry are the addition in discretional clip, its altering distribution and displacements in the manner that society perceives this usage of clip. Thompson [ 1967, cited in Weaver and Lawton, 2006 ] , states that people in this stage are ‘task oriented ‘ instead than ‘time oriented ‘ , and no all right lines are drawn between impressions of ‘work ‘ , ‘rest ‘ or ‘play ‘ .

However, like all other sectors, touristry sector can besides convey benefits and jobs to the local community and its civilization. Harmonizing to WTO [ 1994 ] , the sociocultural benefits of touristry which is good planned, managed and developed in a socially responsible mode are the undermentioned ;

Well administering economic benefits of touristry consequences to better the life criterions of people and community installations and services.

It helps to conserves the cultural heritage of an country and can be the drift for regenerating cultural forms which might be vanishing.

Helps to develop and keep other cultural installations like museums and theaters.

When the host population observes that the tourers appreciating their civilization consequences to refill or underpin a sense of pride.

The touristry besides provides an chance to interchange the civilization between tourers and occupants which helps to larn about and esteem one another ‘s civilization.

However, if the touristry is non good planned, developed and managed, it can besides make some sociocultural jobs. They are ;

Overcrowding by tourers cause incommodiousness for occupants leads to resentment and ill will towards touristry and tourers.

The handiness of attractive forces and agreeableness characteristics, shopping and transit installations would be hard for the occupants due to the overcrowding of tourers.

The more figure of tourers in finishs, the more break can go on in rural communities.

There can be a ‘demonstrational consequence ‘ of occupants due to the imitation of behavioural forms and dressing of tourers.

The opportunities of misinterpretation and struggles between tourers and occupants will be more because of the different linguistic communication and imposts.

Social jobs of drug maltreatment, alcohol addiction, offense and harlotry may acquire worsened by touristry.


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