The little bit larger Spanish fleet was completely taken by surprise. Several of the Spanish ships were so old and rotting that they could barely float. Dew’s forces quickly defeated the Spanish fleet and not a single American was killed in engagement. (Cranes page 583). The Maine, which most Americans than believed had been destroyed by a Spanish mine, was avenged. Although the U. S. And Spain had some unresolved issues at that time, one of the main reasons for the expansion was to have a presence in the foreign markets, which was a ever aspect in the development of the United States economy.

By this time Name steelmakers could compete with producers anywhere in the world (Cranes and they needed new markets to sell their products. It was upon the Unite government to find the easiest way to place its products outside of the coo to find the routes to get the product to the desired destination. One of the growing markets at that time was China. In order to get the U. S. Cargo ship U. S. Had to make the presence on some Pacific islands and build refueling or their ships. They succeeded to make the presence in the islands such Guam, and the most challenging island, the Philippines.

The U. S. I started to take the colonial shape. This did not only mean that the United become an overseas colonial power, it also meant that the U. S. Government construct a complex structure within the Filipino political system. After HTH more people began to dislike imperialism. The main reason why people did imperialism is that they believed that The United States have always proto against the doctrine of international law which permits the subjugation of y the strong (Primary source, American Anti-alienists League, 1899).

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Ma also thought that imperialism was a bigger responsibility than they could Their argument that the Ana keeps bringing more countries under Aimer could soon get out of hand. Other anti-imperialist saw racism in imperialism example, many Southerners feared that they could have more races comic nation. Another reason for the unpopularity of imperialism is that many p thought that expansion would cost too much. If they were trying to keep the America would probably get into debt. In addition, Andrew Carnegie, Sam

Compeers, Mark Twain hated the imperialism (H 1002 Lecture, 03/06/2014) they feared that laborers from other countries would compete with Aimer jobs. Of course, they would get the Job because the laborers would work c than the Americans would. After defeating Spain, America was uncertain as to what to do with the whether to stay in the Philippines or to give the power back to Filipinos an the U. S. Anti-imperialist movement was getting stronger each and every d were bringing out new arguments why the U. S. Should leave the Philippine However, the U. S. Decided to stay and make its presence stronger.

The rear decision was that Japanese and French fleets were close to the coast of the Philippines and Just waiting to attack. Another reason, Americans thought Filipinos were not capable of governing themselves and had the need to A them. One way to do that is to spread the Christian gospel abroad, which securing an opening for American missionaries overseas. At this time, Proto were the majority in America, while the Spanish colonies were predominant Catholic. America also saw it as their duty to convert the Catholics to Proto This idea was not welcomed among the natives.

The local Filipinos, led by who was declared president of the Philippines, started their fight for freed this time, from the Americans. This began the Philippine-American War. Lie Spaniards in Cuba, the Americans needed to use the same re-concentrate to deal with the Filipino guerrillas. Americans also perceived a nieces annex some overseas territories and, also, saw themselves capable of colonialism, similar to some European powers. “While the great powers of Europe are steadily enlarging their colonial domination in Asia and Africa,” James G.

Blaine said in s the especial province of this country to improve and expand its trade with the nations of America. ” (Cranes page 576) With this statement, James G. Blaine emphasized the trade, commerce and economic possibilities, but also was a pilot idea of competing with the Europeans for peace of the overseas lands. Manifest Destiny is the idea that the United States was “destined” to spread across the North American continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. This term was the motivation for the westward expansion of America through the Great Plains and into, what is now, California.

As America continued to grow, its definitions of Manifest Destiny were changed. The United States continued to expand its borders, but with the idea now of bringing democracy, peace, civilization and Christianity to all parts of the world. The Philippines was a likely candidate for a number of reasons, the largest being that the Filipino islands were situated in a convenient location in relation to other powerful nations that would allow commerce between these countries. Perhaps more importantly, the Philippines location was a strategic warfare position, in the case of conflict with these powerful nations.


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