Environmental jobs exist everyplace in this universe today ; whether it is in air. the H2O. traffic. crowding. or noise. Dubois. Pennsylvania which is known for its timber and coal excavation has 7. 794 people populating here today. When this land was founded and cleared it was sold as one acre packages. and each land proprietor had to find their ain route systems ; which is why most of the roads in Dubois are narrow today. Dubois was known as “The Divided City” back in the really early phases of it growing. There was the Dubois side. and Rumbarger side. and separated by a low beaver darn. As population and concern grows the town becomes one and is known as Dubois today. At first manner of transit in Dubois was railwaies and so street autos. it was non until 1901 when Dubois got it foremost auto called “Steamers. ”

As the country grows highway 219 was introduced through Dubois. This main road besides known as Corridor 21 tallies from Bluefield. West Virginia thru Dubois. Pennsylvania right down the chief portion of town to the South of Buffalo. New York. With this main road the traffic congestion through Dubois. Pennsylvania can go really helter-skelter at times. We have big sums of trucks. and autos that use this path. As we continue on we will supply two schemes for advancing positive environmental behaviour. how positive and negative effects can increase pro-environmental behaviour. depict one positive and one negative illustration how engineering progresss have impacted our environment. and speak about the influence of the environmental policies.

Two Schemes for Promoting Positive Environmental Behavior

One scheme that would assist to advance a positive environmental behaviour would be Positive Cueing. Cues are elements in the environment that convey of import information or trigger an affectional reaction. Steg. Van Den Berg. & A ; DeGroot. ( 2013 ) stated. “By utilizing positive cues from the environment such as biking to work the person will hold provided a positive behaviour towards the environment. ” ( p. 120 ) Persons who ride a bike to work. and to acquire around town will assist cut down on the traffic congestion that goes through the town. Other cues such as walking. or if you have to drive happening other paths that are non congested would besides assist cut down on traffic congestion through the town. Another scheme that can be used to assist positive environmental behaviour is an individual’s attitude.

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An individual’s attitude can reflect whether their behaviour is traveling to hold a negative or positive result. Self-perception theory argues that people’s attitudes are formed from the perceptual experiences of their ain old behaviour. ( Cornelissen. Pandelaere. Luk. & A ; DeWitte. 2008 ) . For illustration. if a individual recycles in the past so their attitude for recycling in the hereafter will be the same and will demo positive environmental behaviour. For the town of Dubois attitudes amongst these persons seem to be divided. There are persons who drive. one’s who walk. and others who like to sit a motorcycle. Ways of advancing positive cues and better attitudes for a more positive environmental behaviour is by educating persons on how their behaviour can impact their environment.

Positive and Negative Consequences of Traffic can Increase Pro-environmental Behavior

The positive and negative effects of traffic have the ability of increasing pro-environmental behaviour in certain ways. It may look as if negative effects of traffic can non increase pro-environmental behaviour but it can. The negative effects of traffic are holds. the combustion of fossil fuels and sum of pollution being into the air by vehicles. and route fury. Steg. Van Den Berg. & A ; DeGroot. ( 2013 ) stated. “High degrees of traffic congestion may take to elevated physiological emphasis and negative affect. ” ( p. 33 ) These negative effects non merely impact an individual’s wellness and can do many legion respiratory jobs. but besides can impact our environment every bit good. by doing non merely traffic congestion. but besides can do air pollution. and noise pollution.

These sort of negative effects can take to positive pro-environmental behaviour in respects to raising gas monetary values. constructing alternate paths around town. maintaining sidewalks clean for persons to walk on. and seting in motorcycle lanes. By raising gas monetary values persons do non go every bit much so less traffic congestion and pollution. adding alternate paths around the town can assist interrupt up the flow of traffic. and adding bike lanes. and maintaining sidewalks clean will assist promote persons who live in town to sit bikes. and walk. Positive effects of traffic is that it encourages automobilist to re-time their route trip to when the traffic is non as congested. and besides by cut downing velocities can do less route accidents.

One Positive and Negative Example how Technology Advances have Impacted Our Environment

Technology is doing distribution. processing. production. development. and geographic expedition of natural resources and alternate resources more cost effectual. and protective in respect to the environment. The Technology that we have today has given worlds a manner of cut downing negative effects on the environment that we have caused ; such as the depletion of natural resources. the combustion of fossil fuels. and other behaviours which have caused negative environmental effects. One effectual manner for engineering to hold a positive impact on our environment is what they call “Smart Technology” this engineering can assist ease traffic congestion.

This smart engineering helps cut down travel holds. provides a more convenient entree to transit options. it can custom-make paths on real-time traffic conditions. besides can cut down the C dioxide emissions traveling into the air. and at the same clip save persons on the cost of fuel. Steg. Van Den Berg. & A ; DeGroot. ( 2013 ) stated. “Despite unusually improved auto engineering. the entire negative environmental impact of auto usage has risen over the last 100 old ages. ” ( p. 244 ) Because of such progress engineering. autos are more fuel efficient so persons go out to purchase larger vehicles. and take longer trips which in the terminal produces more C dioxide emanations. doing more pollution. and with the addition of purchasing autos causes traffic congestion to acquire worse.

Influence of Environmental Policies

Environmental policies are put into consequence at all degrees in our society from single. group. big companies. and even municipal. These policies can hold a positive result. or a negative result based on the persons or group of people. There are policies that taxe things such as fuel. electric measure. H2O measures. so they can promote persons or groups to conserve our natural resources. These policies can besides promote persons to alter their behaviour towards the environment by utilizing energy efficient points such as ; visible radiation bulbs. telecastings. and computing machines to call a few. Besides by holding policies we can implement other energy beginnings such as solar panels. or wind turbines.

For these policies to hold a positive result on our environment the person or group of people would hold to hold acceptableness of the policy so it would hold a strong influence on implementing these policies. Acceptability of any policies outcome is based on the attitude of the person or group of people about the policy. If an person does non like the policy that is being implemented. for illustration recycling so most probably this person will non recycle. If persons have a good attitude about the policy for the environment so this can act upon alteration in their behaviour towards the environment.


Traffic congestion is an environmental job that has existed for many old ages. and many to come. Not merely does it do delays to where you need to be. but can besides do air pollution. noise pollution. and from that many wellness issues to the human race every bit good. Technology has improved traffic congestion by cut downing holds. happening alternate paths around. cut downing C dioxide emanations and lower fuel cost. Though. there have been many positive results with engineering and things that benefit our environment engineering can hold negative impacts on the environment every bit good. The negative impacts from engineering could be things such autos that are more fuel efficient holding persons purchasing larger vehicles. taking longer trips which will finally increase traffic congestion and cause more air pollution.

With environmental policies in topographic point we can alter our behaviour towards the environment by utilizing more energy efficient points such as visible radiations. computing machines. and telecastings. These policies that we implement can utilize more natural resources such as solar or weave energy. and this type of natural resource does non ache the environment every bit much as firing fossil fuels. By utilize resources provided in the environment. puting up constabularies. and holding positive attitudes we can alter our behaviour towards the environment. and do traffic congestion through Dubois. Pennsylvania less emphasis and less hurtful to the environment.

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