Miss Prisms lessons are boring and so Cecil decides to pursue her role as the cupid in their relationship, showing how dull Miss Prism is. “fortunate enough to be Miss Prism’s pupil, he would hang upon her lips” “Miss Prism has just been complaining of a slight headache” “horrid, horrid German! ” “the three-volume novels. ” Accusable, a man of the church, uses persistent innuendos giving him an immoral reputation and his flirtatious desire for Miss Prism is presented through metaphoric language and the use of Freudian slips.

During a conversation between Accusable ND Miss Prism, he states that if he were “fortunate enough to be Miss Prism’s pupil he would hang upon her lips. ” The misplaced assumption used by Wiled seemingly shows what Wild’s opinions are towards religion in the Victorian times and why people were frustrated by his controversial play as he continually satirized society, thus showing how they are plot tools for representing another set of products in society.

Moments after the sexual language, Accusable claims he “spoke metaphorically,” which appears to be a continued theme in the play as Chasuble attempts to get himself out of trouble having Just embarrassed himself. Usually even though it is normal for men to have attractions towards women, being a man of the church, he should restrain his thoughts but Wiled mocks him by making him seem like an insult to his Job title. Miss Prism somehow receives positive attention from Accusable despite her uninviting features.

The antithesis between her flirtatious secret life and her square personality confuses the reader but Wiled intends to make her uncanny relationship with Accusable one of the focal points of humor. Her student, Cecil becomes the paid In their relationship by presenting a Justification for them to exchange sexual innuendos. She mentions, “Miss Prism has Just been complaining of a slight headache” which leads on to the suggestion that they should go on a “short stroll. This emphasizes strongly how she wants to get rid of Miss Prism as she finds her so utterly boring to work with and the “Headache” could represent the fact that the relationship is so confusing as it isn’t usually permitted in the Victorian era for a 1 OFF because of the “horrid, horrid German! ” and has to endure the “the three-volume evolves,” which highlight how square of a character Miss Prism is, leading to the contentment of the reader seeing as they don’t understand what a man would see in her.

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Sicily mannerisms show how she is wants to fend them away because the stage directions state she is “smiling” when Chasuble approaches in their direction, indicating she has plans to fuel their relationship and to escape the boring education. For a girl who is so attracted by imagination and sin, the Juxtaposition between her and Miss Prism is clear for they are complete opposites. The things that

Miss Prism says to Cecil are not familiar for Victorian times as diaries and love affairs are supposed to be kept hidden and Cecil is completely disinterested in what is said by Miss Prism even to as far as stating how “plain” her German lessons are. Therefore, boring nature of education is satiric for it shows what Wild’s opinions are on education, emphasizing how he prefers the lower class to the aristocracy. His constant mockery and negativity towards society in Victorian England in terms of religion and education is presented through these two characters, Chasuble and Miss Prism, making them objects of society.


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