On my birthday I feel so lucky… Let’s more than Just a day to mark your Time on this earth. It’s a kind but also fierce reminder of how fate, nature, the workings of the universe are allowing you, Just another speck of existence In a huge array of the sort, just another number In every possible probability equation… To live. Your surviving all the once unimaginable feelings of personal distress and suffering and In that your Immensely enjoying the warmth that sits deep In the core of your chest, and intensifies with every hug or even small uttering of reassurance.

What makes you so special? Life is so short and the days never stop turning into faded memories, with bouts of nostalgia if your lucky. This reminds me of Whitman. Whitman always refers to his dreams as sources of truth because they are a reflection of his inner self when he isn’t taking on a social role or seeking the pleasures of his life. He Is very peaceful and expresses this need of comrades In “callous. He goes Into the woods alone and meditates about being surrounded by friends.

He Is consistently celebrating unity and acceptance, the acceptance of yourself and what you reflect In society, I think It’s crazy how he had this balloons of us still yearning for all the things he wrote about. It reminds me of the time I was on the R train and this hippie came in with his guitar and started playing a song where he would list every kind of job, and various nationalities. He said his song was called “integration. ”

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