Importance of Education BY -arenas Did you know that in today’s economy, in America, there is a higher need for highly skilled workers with credentials? President Obama is pushing for more college graduates to get degrees so they can live above the poverty level in America. A college education is a must if you want to keep up with the economy today. Having an education was not important a couple of centuries ago, but today’s society is different where more than a high school diploma is needed to make it in the economy (Pretzel Ill & Waiting, 2012).

Minorities are the one’s most affected from lack of education mainly because of high tuition fees and rates. A couple of centuries ago, education was not required to live above the poverty level. Since the colonial days, government and community leaders have been trying to come up with different ways to effectively educate children. In the colonial days, children were taught trades instead of a general education because unskilled workers were needed. Most of the students, taught by tutors, on an one on one basis, or in a small group were uneducated because they went to school to Just learn about religion.

The majority of those students were Partisans or Congregationalists. Having an education in religion started to decline as different people migrated to America. Thomas Jefferson and other reformers also help change the way education was taught in America because they believed education should have not included religious beliefs. Reformers also opposed the idea of only the wealthy being able to obtain an education. Reformers spoke out on education saying crime and poverty would go down if people received a quality education. By the end of the colonial period, reformers made a way for every child to at least have a elementary education.

They made a way for students of all races, nationalities, and sex. The last change to the educational system was passed under the Bush administration which included the No Child Left Behind Act (NCSC) (Burke & Sheffield, 2013). The NCSC was to improve the quality of education and the teachers. The 6. 1. Bill permanently changed people’s perception on who could benefit from a higher education (Heeler, 2012). The 6. 1. Bill is financial assistance for education and housing for veterans returning from war after being injured or honorably discharged.

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Veterans were one of the first people who could benefit from the 6. . Bill because the government feared that it would be a high unemployment rate of Veterans coming home from war. After the 6. 1. Bill was passed veterans enrolled in college at an alarming rate. The veterans passed college with the highest marks through dean’s lists and honor rolls. Prior to the 6. 1. Bill, a small amount of American college students were graduating with credentials. Since the 6. 1. Bill started, the veterans went to college and after that their kids went to college, known as the baby boomers.

During the baby boom era, people started enrolling in college at unprecedented numbers (Heeler, 2012). The government saw the need for all people to continue their education after high school, so they started financial funding for community colleges and universities. To be sure, not all Americans have benefited equally from this expansion of opportunity. Particularly students from low-income or minority ethnic groups have Eden, Ana stall are, poorly served at all levels AT coeducation. By any real-world standard, our nation led the world in higher education and its leadership was acknowledged even by its critics.

There is no question that American higher education is one of the greatest success stories of the 20th century?a success that expanded the economy and built the American middle class (Heeler, 2012). Our nation has redefined higher education to include the previously undeserved, those who were traditionally written off because they did not fit the conventional idea of a college student. In today’s economy, American higher education is still in rude health. In worldwide rankings more than half of the top 100 universities, and eight of the top ten, are American.

The scientific output of American institutions is not equal to any other country in the world. They produce most of the world’s award winning college graduates and scientific papers. College graduates, on average, still earn far more and receive better benefits than those who do not have a degree. For instance, college graduates receive benefits such as: retirement pension plans and medical and dental insurance. Rising fees and increasing student debt, combined with shrinking financial and educational returns, are deterring college students away from education, at least the perception that university is a good investment.

After college, students are required to pay back all debts of student financial assistance. Concerns are growing from a number of reasons such as: steep rises in fees, increases in the levels of debt of both students and universities, and the declining quality of graduates. As of today, the President and Congress are trying to pass a bill to keep fees of loans down for college students. Although, college education is needed to flourish in the economy today, some Americans Just fear the amount of money that is needed to pay back student loans.

Students Just do not want a huge amount of debt coming straight out of college. In today’s economy, a need for highly skilled workers with credentials has been lulled by the growing economy. For instance, the baby boomers fueled the need for more workers in the medical field. Thus, creating a high demand for medical doctors and nurses to treat the aging or ill. This has put pressure on the American higher learning commission to produce more graduates in America. One of President Beam’s main goal for his administration when he was elected was education because he wanted to see Americans live above poverty level.

After one of the President’s speeches on education, peoples opinions and views changed, especially his supporters such as Democrats and African Americans. In his speech, Obama is trying to make a more affordable way for everyone to receive a quality education, regardless of race, sex, religion, or creed. In his last address to the nation, Obama wants to challenge higher education leaders to produce more graduates. It is not Just the student’s fault for not graduating, it could be the institutions too. He will stop the funding for some institutions if the graduation rates do not go up.

In today’s society, segregation in schools still exist among minorities. Black students are more likely to attend schools in high poverty neighborhoods and where here are limited resources (Southern Poverty Law Center, 2009). Latino students are the most racially segregated in the American public education system than any other minority group. They are also segregated because some do not speak English. Whites are ten people won get more AT a quality coeducation stall to tons clay. I nee nave more resources to an education than any other race does. Poverty and lower student performance are reasons among blacks of why they are at a disadvantage.

No routine healthcare, no adequate housing, and less literate parent’s all play a role in the hillier obtaining a quality education. Most poverty ridden people can not afford a higher education. Despite all the hurdles people may face when trying to obtain a higher education with credentials, there are a number of ways to obtain degrees. First, going to a college or university would be the first choice for many students graduating from high school. For example, some people receive scholarships or grant money to attend universities. Next, students could be learning in a distance education university for flexibility.

In other words, obtain certification or a degree through online courses such s: University of Phoenix. Online education offers a person flexibility to earn a degree (Silva, 2013). The last thing someone could do would be to learn a trade. Although learning a trade is not always Job security, it puts today’s workers in the middle class. Overall, since the colonial days, government and community leaders have come up with different ways to effectively teach American children (Karachi, 2013). If it wasn’t for the 6. 1. Bill, people would not have changed their perception on who could benefit from a higher education (Heeler, 2012).


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