If you stop for Just five minutes and pay attention, really pay attention, you will be able to pick up on some of the most basic and important lessons in life. These are lessons that will allow each and every one of us to enjoy and experience life more fully, more richly, more intimately. Lessons that will allow each of us to experience life more fully and let go of stress. Here are three lessons you can get from life Just by paying attention for five minutes. 1. Everything changes. As I have often heard, “change is the only constant. Much arrow and sadness come to people because of their inability to accept the fact that everything changes. Nothing ever stays the same. This has always been true, always will be true, and no amount of wishing things to be different will ever make them so. Every second of our lives we are changing. We must learn to grasp this and appreciate it’s real value. If things stayed the same, there would be no chance of living a more fulfilling life. Of accomplishing goals and chasing dreams. There would be no advancement or the opportunity to improve those areas of your life you errantly are not pleased with.

We must remember that nothing stays the same. If things are going horribly in your life and you are in a place that you absolutely hate, remember that this will pass. Even if your in a place that you never want to change, Just remember that this too will pass. Nothings stays the same, and it never will. 2. Life is meant to be abundant and full or prosperity, Joy, and happiness. None of us our meant to suffer and live a life of sorrow. If you watch a child, you will notice this in only a few minutes. Children are naturally happy.

They can get their hands smacked for touching something, cry for a second, then be back up and running with a huge smile on their face, and usually back after what they got their hands smacked for in the first place. Every single one of us is meant to live a life of happiness, Joy, excitement, passion, and a million other positive emotions. The problem is that we have allowed ourselves to fall into false beliefs and negative thinking as we got older. Many of us have stopped, usually by the age of ten, questioning the world, and life, and our place in it.

Many of us have never taken the time as adults to find things that inspire us. To find things that excite us and light that fire in our belly. This is no one else’s fault but our own. We must all take responsibility in order to live the life that truly allows us to feel fulfilled and accomplished. 3. Life is choice, and each of us decides. Each and every one of us designs our lives through the power to our choices. Every single day we are tacked wit n decisions and choices, and our lives are the splitting image of those choices and decisions.

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We must cake responsibility for our choices and decisions. If you are not currently happy or pleased with the life you have lived up until this point, you have no one to blame but yourself. You have created your life up to this point through the power of your choices. If you hate it, it’s your fault. If you love it, it’s your fault. There is a positive to this though. By realizing and admitting that you have created your life up to this point, even if you hate it, you give yourself the power and the ability to change it.

If we did not have free will and the ability to choose and make sections, that would mean that we were destined to live a life of misery and sorrow. But we have created our life, and that meaner we can create our future life any way we choose. Use the power of these observations to your advantage. Realize that everything changes, you deserve and are wanted to live a life of power, happiness, abundance, and bliss, and that you can create and live that life through the power of your choices. Make choices that allow your life to change in ways that allow you to experience and create happiness, Joy, passion, and abundance in all areas.


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