Have you ever found an activity that you were so passionate about that It evolves Into more than Just a hobby? You begin to compete against your past self, wanting to get better and better. To achieve, improve, and overcome is what invincibility is to me. Sometimes you can let yourself down, but if you have confidence in yourself and keep remembering how you can conquer your self-doubt, you can be invincible. My father’s family is very athletic, whether it’s being captain of the Varsity Swim Team or playing for a state hockey team.

When I was introduced to running, I had already grown up with competitiveness but not with confidence. I always had to win or be right, but I TLD think of myself as worthy. When I began running seriously–training almost everyday, Joggling a summer cross country team, or Just running In races-?I noticed how it amplified my self-esteem. I was happier and I liked the new strengths my body was capable of. Although there were still aspects of myself I wasn’t happy with when I looked In the mirror, I was proud of the person who stood before me. Yet, a champion cannot rise to stand where he does without bypassing the defeat of a roomer winner.

There will always be someone better, but if you want to be number one, you have to train as if you’re number two. Endurance Is key to long distance running, a steady pace Is required If you want to get far. You have to enjoy what you’re doing to feel invincible. I ran and trained and was exuberant. I’d found my passion. However, endurance is something you lose when you’re not constantly training, and with that, the sensation of invincibility drifts away. I began to lose Interest In many actively very suddenly. I stopped running, I hated my reflection in the mirror, and I was ungrateful for what I’d built for myself.

And my body lost the invincibility. I began to doubt both myself and my ablest. I lived In the past, thinking about how I could never structure myself to be the way I was before. However, Allies Glass, the USA National Volleyball Team setter Inspired me to persist my love for running. She was very young when she was initiated into the team. She managed to lead the USA National Volleyball Team with amazing sets, regardless of her age, to win a silver medal In the 2012 London Olympics. As she was only twenty three, I find that truly encouraging. She is invincible. And in the case of feeling invincible, it’s mind over tater.

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I reluctance my training and surrounded myself with support. I made sure to keep my self-esteem up because I knew I wanted that feeling of Invincibility again. I yearned for the tactile sense that I could run forever, knowing that when I did, my mind would’ve quenched its thirst. To make it a habit and whenever I slipped up I started over. I was my own requisition to confidence and invincibility. After one and a half months I had taught myself to run three hours continuously at a steady pace. I had over achieved and now my love for running is stronger than it’s ever been and so is my love for myself.


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