Prior to working in authorities. I worked in the private sector. In comparing of the two civilizations. I realize that political relations exist in both civilizations and it is a game that I truly do non like to play. My feeling of the two civilizations leave a batch to be desired in the sense that I am one who is non afraid of difficult work ; I am ever committed to the occupation. However. working in the private sector gave me a greater sense of satisfaction: I could prioritise my work and acquire things done ; there was less bureaucratism. I could find what was good for the organisation. portion it with my direction who respected what I brought to the tabular array and implement a cohesive scheme that would profit the organisation. Working in authorities you have to be prepared and committed to the policies that sometime prevent you from finishing your occupation. ( i. e. public intervention and internal obstructions ) in add-on to working with people who do non portion the same ideals as you.

The authorities outlook of being a paper thruster was a construct that I fight with myself invariably about. My first few old ages in authorities. I went above and beyond what was expected of me because I did non like the feeling of being “unresponsive” . Working in authorities I now see what the outlook is all about. I as an person am non a paper thruster ; I am a consequences driven difficult worker who wants to see the consequences of my difficult work ; nevertheless. being in authorities you do non command what gets accomplished by your work ethic’ you merely command what is expected of you: intending “I do what I am supposed to do” nevertheless what route the journey takes does non depend on me it depends on who is traveling to profit from the fruits of my labour. The positive side of the two civilizations: Private Sector gives you room to turn based on your committedness to work. There is less beauracy to cover with and most are working toward the same end. In authorities. when you are given a undertaking. the positive side is that you know it is for the good of the mass and you can visualize the terminal consequence.


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