Sustainable enterprises refer to the stairss taken towards accomplishing sustainability. Assorted stairss must be taken in order to accomplish sustainability. Over the old ages, Dubai has taken a batch of stairss towards accomplishing sustainability. They have chiefly focused on environmental sustainability because it is the major concern for conservationists. In recent planetary analysis of ecological resource usage, the UAE came out top as the least environmentally friendly state owing to its heavy trust on air conditioning and desalinated H2O. The LIVE PLANET study in 2006 revealed that UAE was responsible for the universe ‘s largest ecological footmark. World Wildlife Fund revealed that UAE was five times more unsustainable than any other state in the universe.

This concern study would be written to demo the demand for the cool roofing enterprise in Dubai. It will cover the description, belongingss, types and benefits of the cool roof. It would besides demo the legal and organizational construction of the concern and the selling program of the concern and show how the concern would utilize the selling mix to advance the enterprise. This study would assist turn out that there is a possible demand for cool roofs in the UAE. This study would be to present the concern inaugural cool roofs in the UAE. The type of sector being focused upon would be the secondary and third sector because it has to make with fabrication of the cool roofs and proviso of roofing services. This study would assist turn out that there is a possible demand for the usage of cool roofs in edifices as a cost effectual manner of conserving electricity in the UAE.


A cool roof is a roof designed to keep a lower surface temperature in bright sunlight than a conventional or traditional roof. They reflect more sunlight and releases more captive heat thereby cut downing the heat transferred into the edifice below. The imperturbability of a roof is determined by two belongingss:

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1. Solar coefficient of reflection or Albedo which refers to the fraction of sunshine and heat reflected off from a edifice, cut downing roof temperatures.

2. Thermal emittance or emissivity which is the ability to breathe captive heat. This describes how good the surface radiates energy off from itself.

Both solar coefficient of reflection and thermic emittance can be expressed as a per centum or in denary fraction. The belongingss are measured on a graduated table of nothing to one ( 0 to 1 ) – the higher the values, the ice chest the roof

Cool roofs may be installed on low-slope roofs ( such as the level sloping roofs typically found on commercial and industrial edifices ) or the steep-sloped roofs used in many abodes and retail edifices. Cool roofs for commercial and industrial edifices can be made from inherently cool roofing stuffs or an bing roof can be made brooding by using a solar brooding coating to its outside.

Cool roofs provide both instant and future benefits. These include:

Reduced energy cost and usage

Dubai has the universe ‘s highest per capita energy ingestion at 20,00kWh per twelvemonth ( Sinclair, 2008 ) . It transfers less heat to the edifice so the edifice remains cool and uses less energy for air conditioning, therefore reduces the demand for electricity to chill edifices and increases nest eggs on one-year electricity.

Extended service life of roofs

They cut down roof care and replacing disbursals by widening the life rhythm of the roof and cut down roofing waste added to landfills. Therefore, they are lasting and sustainable.

Improved human wellness and thermic comfort

They cut down the air temperatures and increase thermic comfort in edifices assisting to forestall heat related unwellnesss and deceases.

Reduced air pollution and nursery gas emanation

By take downing energy usage, they decrease the production of related air pollution and green house emanations. They besides decrease the emanation of N oxides, sulphur oxide and quicksilver from electrical power workss.

The name of my company will be “ BEMA ROOFING PLC ” . It will be based in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. It will run both in the secondary and third sector of concern because it has to make with the industry and gross revenues of roofing stuffs. We besides provide roofing services. The company will be making direct production and gross revenues of sustainable roofs, otherwise known as cool roofs.

Bema roofing has several purposes, aims and policies as an administration but we tend to pay more attending to the chief countries that give rise to important sustainability effects. Our sustainability marks have been straight aligned to our nucleus concern aims. The cardinal philosophies of this policy are:

To cut down nursery gas emanations.

To assist reconstruct the planetary ecosystem.

To forestall ecological debasement which leads to the devastation of the ecosystem and extinction of wildlife?

To cut down harmful effects upon the environment and usage sustainable resources where possible.

To incorporate the best environmental patterns into mundane concern procedures.

To gain commercial returns in an environmentally responsible and sustainable mode.

Legal Structure

It is compulsory that every legal concern, irrespective of size, environment and nature of the concern, should hold a legal construction and an organizational construction in order to guarantee smooth operation of the concern. Bema roofing would be following the private limited liability company legal construction, doing it Bema roofing plc. This means it could be owned by a lower limit of two and a upper limit of 50 private stockholders ; it would be a separate legal unit from its proprietors, the portions can non be easy sold to members of the populace and there would be ageless sequence unlike constructions like exclusive trading where there is no sequence after decease of proprietor and public limited liability companies where the portions can be bought on the stock exchange by any member of the populace. I chose this legal construction because of the benefits that comes with it:

The net income is shared between a few people

It is comparatively less cumbrous to organize and run

There are less legal limitations

The organisational construction of a concern indicates the functions of the employees and establishes a clear line of communicating between them.

Organizational Structure

Organizational constructions are considered the most prevailing model of a concern and are besides really mandatory because they show the functions, duties and relationships of each member and section of the house. It ensures for proper division of duties within an administration. Due to the size, nature and experience required for the operation of the administration ( Bema ) ( or for production ) , It would hold a broad span of control and a tall hierarchy. This means there would be a big figure of employees and quite a figure of directors to oversee the activities carried out by the employees of the assorted sections of the administration. The organizational chart shows the phases of hierarchy of people in the concern. As shown in the organizational chart in the appendices below, there would be:

A board of managers, which consist of the stockholders of the concern and do the concluding determinations of the concern.

A pull offing manager, which is an active stockholder and caput of all other managers.

A selling manager, which is in charge of the selling section. Selling directors may besides plan and supervise variousA environmental scanningA andA competitory intelligenceA processes to assist place tendencies and inform the company ‘s selling analysis.

A finance manager, which is the caput of the finance section and proctors the company ‘s histories. A fiscal director is responsible for supplying fiscal advice and support to clients and co-workers to enable them to do sound concern determinations.

A human resources manager, which is in charge of the human resource section and is responsible for theA attractive force, A choice, A preparation, A appraisal, andA rewardingA of employees, while besides supervising organizationalA leadershipA andA civilization, and guaranting conformity withA employment and labour Torahs.

A production manager who controls the production section. A production director is involved with the planning, coordination and control of fabrication procedures. They guarantee that goods and services are produced expeditiously and that the right sum is produced at the right cost and degree of quality.

Market Plan

A selling program outlines the elaborate actions you aim to transport out to pull possible clients and carry them to purchase the merchandises or services you provide.

The mark market would be administrations, building companies, roofing companies, proprietors of residential, industrial, commercial edifices and offices whose purpose is to cut down electric and roofing measures and have the involvement of the environment at bosom.

With a good apprehension of the selling mix ( monetary value, topographic point, merchandise and publicity ) and the market size, function and analysis, Bema roofing plc has decided to undertake the four P ‘s of the selling mix separately to guarantee that the merchandise is extremely effectual and competitory and generates maximal net income and returns on investings.

Monetary value: We would guarantee that the goods are provided at a sensible monetary value. It would be inexpensive and low-cost to jobbers, retail merchants and direct consumers of the merchandise.

Topographic point: We would besides guarantee that the merchandises are available at assorted gross revenues mercantile establishments located at topographic points which are convenient for consumers to entree. Assorted schemes like selective, intensive, sole distribution and franchising can be used by our sellers to congratulate the other facets of the selling mix.

Merchandise: The merchandise would be of good quality, sustainable, hold a good and appealing visual aspect, would be packaged and warehoused decently after production. The merchandise would be gettable in a different assortment of forms and colorss – including “ cool black ” in some instances. It has a 3year or two and half twelvemonth guarantee within which it is capable to free fixs and alteration if the demand be or arises.

Promotion: In order to make a public consciousness about the enterprise, assorted modes/methods of communicating would be adopted by the selling section to supply information to different parties about the merchandise. These include:

Ads through film commercials, wireless, cyberspace, print media and hoardings.

Public relation through imperativeness releases, sponsorship trades, exhibitions, seminars, trade carnivals and events.

Personal merchandising which is informal communicating by persons and satisfied clients. This is where the gross revenues force comes to play an of import function.

Methods & A ; Findingss:

The method used was primary and secondary research. In the primary research, a study amongst the mark market and an experiment was carried out on a roof in Arizona to find the penchant for place roofs and to demo the demand for cool roofs.

In the study.

In the experiment, Hand-held temperature readings were taken from a certain roof before and after a cool roof intervention on a hot summer afternoon. When the temperature reading was taken from the roof before intervention, the thermometer reading was 178-degree Fahrenheit at the roof surface. ( But ) After a cool roof intervention was installed, there was a dramatic lessening in roof air temperature. The thermometer reading was so 93-degree Fahrenheit. This proves that cool roofs installing cut down the edifice temperature every bit good as the roof temperature.


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