In Bangladesh, there is a increasing cost of living as well
as change of mindset is the key reasons for which increasing number of educated
person are now working outside their house. So, the traditional family is being
replaced by the dual career family where both male and females are working, as
a result socio-demographic changes are occurring similar to those in developing
and developed societies. This dual responsibility is putting increasing
pressure on both man and women family members to achieve and
maintain work life balance.


So work-life balance has become an important issue in those
developing and developed countries. People have to do their work as well as
they have to do the other responsibilities towards their family members. So the
working person in those countries facing some problem about balancing their
work and personal life.


In the past two decades, work-life balance as well as the
need for “good work-life balance” has featured prominently in countless
academic, practitioner and policy maker debates. Work–life balance is the
degree to which an individual is able to simultaneously balance the temporal,
emotional, and behavioral demands of both paid work and family responsibilities.
It is a situation in which employees are able to give right amount of time and
efforts to their work as well as their personal life outside work. And now a
day it has become challenging to balance their work life. Work-life balance
refers to the flexible working arrangements that allow both parents and
non-parents to avail of working arrangements that provide a balance between
work responsibilities and personal responsibilities. As work has evolved to be
more knowledge-based, fluid, and intellectual, it has become harder to escape.
Employees can no longer easily segregate their work from the rest of their
lives because work has the capacity to take over people’s thoughts. In addition
to this information communication technologies have removed the temporal and
spatial boundaries of work, allowing people to work anytime from anywhere. Thus,
the growing number of employee in the private company manages two domains of
life: family and work. Although men and women both experience inter-role
conflicts, it is often more difficult for women to balance their work and home
roles. Sometimes male employees are also facing difficulties to balance their
work life. Thus, the challenge of work-life balance is a reality for every
working person, and it is an issue that is widely discussed in organizations
today. In Bangladeshi society, an individual’s identity is largely tied to the
identity of the extended family. Growing cost of living as well as change of
mindset is the key reasons for which increasing number of educated men and women
are now working outside their house. Even in recent time, the tendency is
increasing gradually. As a result, the traditional family is being replaced by
the dual career family, thus socio-demographic changes are similar to those in
developed and developing societies. Like all other countries of the world
work-life balance of the employees has become an issue in Bangladesh.

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The issue of ‘Work
Life Balance’ within private
sector has drawn considerable attention over the past few years.
The movement towards the better performance has increased the development of
the private industry. Employees of the private company are providing lots
of services in order to remain competitive in a rapidly changing market.
On the other hand companies are rewarding those employees by providing lots of
benefits. Nevertheless private companies maintain some policies to support
employees in balancing their work and life responsibilities. The objective
of the report is to examine work-life balance services provided by
the companies for their employees.


In this report, a survey is
conducted on 2 private sector of Bangladesh taking sample of 50 employees to
know the real status of work-life balance in private institutions. The study
finds that the work-life balance situation is moderate which can be improved by
ensuring flexible working hours (roistered days off and family friendly
starting and finishing times), transport facility, residential facility, child
care center, flexible work arrangements/ job sharing, reduced working hours
& workload for the employees.


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