In conclusion this
is why I chose Brendan Fraser as my biography subject. Brendan was a different type of character. His movies weren’t good but he still made
money. When he acted well he was up there with the greats. But his downfall was
the most interesting. He made many flop and failure. This brought his career to
a halt and so to his life. The pain he must have felt should be immeasurable
but he pulled through and kept on acting. 
That gives him my upmost respect. I hope he has a better brighter future
ahead of him.

Next he still has
some money but he is getting old and might not know when he acting capabilities
will stop. So no I wouldn’t like to be an aging man with a dwindling income and
a sad life. Not to mention his actually practical skill is to make a flop. Like
clockwork most of his movies made less than there budget. Brendan still gets
payed regardless but to make flop like that is a skill itself. I would feel
accomplished knowing that all I can do is act but even then I will make a flop.
The man is a wreck. His life I terrible and I just don’t like most of his
movies. Like monkey bone I’ve talked about this but jeez man that was a
terrible movie with a terrible outcome. Brendan Fraser had money fame but he
lost it to the big wigs in Hollywood, his previous wife, his children were
taken and expected to be played for. This all happened to one man and who says
it can’t happen to me or you or anyone. But I’m sure he is a likeable guy and
should be optimistic with his life around him crumbling and not quitting. He still
acts to this day you can still see him in smaller acting roles. But his long disappearance
was worrying. He has a tendencies to go away for long while and come back. I
can blame him I have a long hiatus to refine my acting skills and to choose
better scripts. This even though I do not wish to become Brendan Fraser. I
still respect his life more than did before.

 I would never want to be that sad. I would get
depressed because I probably not be fulfilled in life. Maybe he thinks he
cheated because he didn’t write the script or movie, that he just played a role
and got payed. To be an actor is to want to get picked by a company that only
wants the consumer’s money. So I really wouldn’t want to be a part of that. I
would hate myself for it. That’s not to mention his wife left him and his
children were taken away. This is devastating to a normal person how would it
affect a man who has just about lost his job and was thrown in the gutter for
years. All they do with Brendan now is brush all the grime from the gutter but
the stench still lingers. This means they bring him back just to throw him
right back in. so every time he is thrown in the stench gets stronger. I’m
surprised he didn’t quit. It’s probably because if the income and that’s all he
knows. I wouldn’t want to be such a sucker to get my money and my taken from
me. This a horrible situation for me and I wouldn’t want to wish it on someone else.

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Ah to be Brendan
Fraser. I would not like to be Brendan James Fraser there are many reasons why
I would not want to be Brendan Fraser. I will outline them all here. Brendan is
an actor. I do not wish to be an actor. For what I’ve seen in these last weeks
with the Weinstein scandal and James tolbak Hollywood can be a scary place for
men and women. Besides to act in a movie is hard I don’t have the drive or
follow through to go into so many bad roles and still come out ok. Besides
being a famous actor is stressful and lonely. Not being able
to freely say what I really want to say is taxing. In acting you’re just a
blank slate for a character to imprint upon. I have my own sort of agency and I
would want acting to change that. I’m sure back in the day when Brendan was
popular and got lots of money for the movies he was in he was happy. But now a
days he is down in the dumps and full of dread.

This angered Afton
which made her say that he can’t reduce alimony unless he made under 3 million
dollars a year. But he couldn’t make that much with all of his roles getting canceled
so she is basically asking for money he doesn’t have. This is a blatant cash
grab and is pretty messed up. However this was all in the past and I believe he
is doing better for himself. Now he is doing pretty ok as a smaller actor but I
doubt he would make the same amount of money than he did in the mummy movies so
it’s highly likely the alimony was destroying him. This is what surprised me
about Brendan Fraser.

 I mean I know that if you act in a movie you
get paid regardless if it flops the money he probably squandered before doesn’t
last forever. It’s sad really that he was subject to this. This surprised me I
thought he was still living life on his mummy money. But alas he has to pay
yearly alimony that he probably can afford or provide. I don’t want to see
Brendan in jail for not being able to pay 300,000 child support. Continuing on
this point around 2013 he was given a lowered alimony because he could pay for
it anymore. But Afton as it turns out retired with her money that she earned
with Brendan giving it to her and all. So when an accident in hurricane sandy
happened and Brendan had to cancel some of his roles which would take away his
last stream of income. He had to go to alimony court to get his alimony reduced.

 I believe this was an intentional and malign
attack on Brendan’s income the way she wants to divorce him now is way too
perfect to want a divorce now after 10 years of marriage because you doesn’t
like him anymore. I know it looks as if I am giving Afton a hard time but at
this point Brendan’s life has gone a long ways from dogfight and is now in
shambles.  He also has to pay for child
support now around 300,000 per year this is way too much even if he had the

 After basically being abandoned by big
Hollywood he took refuge in smaller roles or TV shows. At the same time
something terrible happened to him. He was divorce his then 20 year
relationship. This surprised me I thought his life was a cool and lavish one
but like us all he has to suffer. Earlier I mentioned his
wife Afton smith.  Well she divorced
Brendan in 2008 but it finalized in 2009. This was a huge heavy blow for
Brendan. First he gets kicked out of Hollywood. Then his income drops
dramatically. Now he has to pay 900,000 alimony of his wife to keep her “lifestyle”.

is sad but we still remember his greatest achievement. His greatest achievement
is staying in Hollywood after losing so much money for Hollywood itself.
This is because his highest grossing film the mummy returns probably kept the
executives at bay. I haven’t really seen Brendan in an actual good movie. But
his appeal to the masses kept the money flowing. But after his huge string of
flops, I mean huge. They basically made him a pariah after 2008. I mean
he loses more money than he makes for the movie companies. So he could be a
good actor but the mummy movies spoiled his talent with their huge general
populace appeal. So when they flopped for 43 million on the third mummy. They
finally dropped him. So there weren’t any good mummy movies they just had mass
appeal. To be able to act this long on his string of flops is his biggest

Yet they still cast
Brendan as a creditable actor. I mean come on they still tried the same type of
movie with the same actor. This movie is called looney toons back in action.
It’s the same type of idea to mix live-action with animation. This did a lot
better than monkey bone but it didn’t break its budgets mark. Making it another
Fraser flop. The movie made around   $68,514,844
not to break its 80 million dollar budget. After a few years of more different
roles as a voice actor or to play a role in a television programs he hit
another leading role in one of his last in movie. The journey to the center of
the earth a 2008 film about a man on a quest to find out what happened to his
missing brother, a cast of different characters discover a fantastic and
dangerous lost world in the center of the earth.  This was one of his last prolific role except
for one other. In the same year they made the mummy tomb of the dragon emperor.
Critical pan by critics and audiences. This is one of his last leading or
should I say famous roles. It was about the son of the main character from the
first two mummies. That unearths a great evil.  This basically ended his career as an actor
and he only got parts in small budget films or unknown films.

this is the beginning of the on and off good roles in films. Brendan seemed to
choose terrible movies like monkey bone. A 2001 film about a
cartoonist who gets trapped in his own creation and must race against his creation
monkey bone. The art style is a hybrid with animation and live action. People
hated it and only gave it a mediocre reviews and a minuscule amount of revenue
or basically none at all. Monkey bone only made 7.6 million dollars. This was a
huge flop because it cost them 75 million to make it. If adjusted to modern
inflation they lost $93,986,444.07.

was one of the most successful movies of that time. It was about a French
archeologist that uncovers an ancient evil that wreaks havoc on him and his
crew. After this success he did two more mummy movies. I will talk about the
third one later but the second was more successful than the first. The second
mummy was basically the same formula but the mummy is released in London. This
pulled in lots of cash about $202,019,785 to be exact. Brendan has also been nominated and won different
awards for his performance in different movies. Like Crash a movie about race,
loss and redemption won three Oscars. But Brendan himself was a part of the
best cast ensemble. This shows he knows how to pick a good script.

His next comedy 1994’s Airheads was a flop and
wasn’t very successful. But Fraser hit it big with his next comedy George of
the jungle based off the cartoon of the same name. About a man raised by apes
falling with a wealthy girl. Around this time in 1998 he got married to Afton
Smith. After this Brendan Fraser hit the gold vein. He starred in the mummy.
This is one of Brendan Fraser’s most well-known movies.

Brendan got his first movie acting role in Dogfight
(1991) as sailor #1. This showed his prowess in acting and helped him start to
shape his career. In 1992 Brendan got two leading roles. One in school ties
which is a drama about a kid who goes to a boarding school in the 1950’s and
must conceal the fact that he is Jewish. The second is Encino man a 1992 comedy
about two teens finding and thawing out a caveman. The teens show the caveman
modern life and he gets them to actually enjoy life.


James Fraser a person you have probably seen but never really knew his name.
Brendan Fraser was born on December 3, 1968, in Indianapolis, Indiana. His
father is Pete Fraser and his mother is Carol Fraser. He was the youngest of
four. While traveling around with his dad he found his love for the theater in
London. When Fraser was a teenager he started to perform in Seattle Washington
he worked in the laughing horse summer theater. He went to Upper Canada College
Preparatory School in Toronto for college. The he finished his college years in


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