In recent years, the global community has experienced several workplace shortages in different sectors of the workfield. One of the most potentially detrimental shortages which could have wrought significant consequences was the global nursing shortage. Currently, the goal is to find a way to bridge the divide between the older and newer generation of nurses, particularly, between Baby Boomers and Generation Xers. Older, traditional methods used to recruit nursing professionals before have become outdated and ineffective in recruiting this younger generation of potential nurses into the workplace so innovative nurses and medical personnel have come together to find solutions to solve the issue at hand. A study was conducted on a specific group of nurses who fell under the standards for the research participants in order to observe and analyze the different aspects that go into deciding whether or not a potential nursing professional wants to venture into the workfield. The study was conducted on a group of nurses who worked in state and local public health departments and responded to the 2010 Council on Linkages Between Academia and Public Health Practice’s survey of public health workers (Yeager & Wisniewski, n.d.) At the end of the study, researchers found that a few factors that influence recruitment and retention are flexible scheduling available and employee autonomy. These were found to be true with nurses who currently work in public health agencies and can be used as determinants for nurses who may enter the academic field or private businesses. In addition to recruitment and retention, nursing professionals are expected to recruit the best and the brightest nurses possible. Student nurses should be both intelligent in academic and personal settings, having the ability to care and be emotionally sympathetic to the wellbeing of the people around them. They must be passionate about the principles of nursing and have a zealous morale when it comes to the welfare of others (Wood, 2014.) In this day and age, there are many of us in our society who lack some of the core values of kindness and selflessness which is why finding the right people is so important when recruiting potential nurses into the workforce. Those who are looking to hire new, potential nurses should look for individuals who exhibits caring characteristics as well.


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