Following the development of engineering. the quality of life becomes better off. It is attractive plenty to populate in metropoliss. because people can bask a batch of convenient installations. However. some people believe that many people do non cognize their neighbors and the sense of community has been lost with the increasing figure of people in metropoliss. In this essay the consequence of the modern urban life style in metropoliss will be discussed. Nowadays. many people tend to populate in metropoliss for different grounds. They move into metropoliss chiefly for work. Because they leave early in the forenoon and come back place tardily in the eventide. They do non desire to blow their clip on a train or coach. If they live in metropoliss. they do non necessitate to wake up early to take a train or coach.

Furthermore. life in metropoliss means that they can easy happen topographic points or installations to make full their every demand in the urban life. which is valued in the single life style instead than the sense of community. On the other manus. many people seem to be more stray than of all time earlier. Because of concentrating on the single life style in modern clip. it is difficult to hold an chance to do a deep relationship with people populating about. Peoples do non normally know what happens to their neighbors. Worlds are societal animals that can non be independent of others. As a consequence. even if there are a batch of convenient topographic points in metropoliss. they can non carry through satisfaction of people. Most people in metropoliss fall into the sense of isolation. They need to gain the negative consequence of their life style and do attempt to fall in in communities in their lives. so that they can populate in a simpler manner of life.


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