In this tragic play, Oedipus Rex, Gods
and religion has greatly influenced the social structure which in turn has a
profound effect upon how the events unfold later as story continues.

Oedipus is the head of the
whole Kingdom. Oedipus owning a sensitive gentle heart, reverence for God and
prophecy within has a strong faith on predictions and God’s Will. His sacrifice
of hometown to save his father’s life proves his religious belief on God
Apollo’s shrines. Society also plays an important role in this belief. Over the
duration of the play, there is a bright sense of commands towards the actual
incident, because Thebes is facing a severe plague, and of course towards the
King Oedipus, because he is unknowingly in a relationship with his own mother
which has been proved by prophecy as well later in the story.


Teresias, a messenger,
tells Oedipus that in fact he is the reason behind this critical condition. For
Oedipus, religion is pushed backward as he is a strong self-admirer. All these
unfolded chapters lead Oedipus into the contamination at that time which will only
be cleansed by the Gods and fate wills nothing else would be consider.
The king’s household and family are greatly affected by the religion in several
ways because there is a lack of believe in the Gods which has caused wreckage
among their lives.

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both Oedipus’s wife and mother, is a strong believer in the Oracle. She does
not want to believe that Oedipus is en route to kill his father and marry his
own mother. She is frankly dubious of prophecies and, therefore according to the
religious ideas of that lifespan, guilty of inapplicability towards the gods
could be reflect.

  Jocasta is criticized
for her distrust on prophecies and is an understandable prejudice though. She
does not believe that the prophecy King Laius heard of came true. She believed
her son as dead and husband killed by the wayfarers. Her
believe in the idea that man can change his fate is being challenged as she
discovers that Oedipus is truly her son and he in fact killer of her first husband.
She is punished by the Gods for being such a disbeliever. This hidden consequence faded away her
strong belief on prophecies.

              Jocasta was critical of prophecy but not fully
sacrilegious. In play she offered prayers in her fear and asking for God
Apollo’s help and magical protection from all the disruptions. The unendurable thoughts drive her crazy enough to
take her life.


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