In the film “Get Out” Rose invites Chris for a weekend getaway with her parents. At first, Chris identifies the family’s overly accommodating behavior as nervous attempts to deal with their daughter’s interracial relationship, but as the weekend progresses, Chris finds himself in a battle for his life as Rose’s family likes more than what just meets the eye. In the film “Keanu” A pair of cousins, Clarence and Rell, live in the city but are far from streetwise. Rell’s cat is stolen  and the two must fake as notable killers in order to infiltrate a street gang and retrieve the pet. However custody of the cat creates a gang war, forcing the two unwitting cousins to take actions into their own hands. Through the films “Get Out” and “Keanu” the Fetishization of the black body is brought up.The human body as we know is a unique object. Though we are all technically made the same way, some people are just naturally made superior than others. Scientist argue that 65 percent of time African American beings are more likely to possess superhuman abilities. It sounds like something everyone would want if they could have it. What person would not want to be faster, cooler, and stronger? Since even before America’s founding, African slaves have been the slave of choice due to their ability to complete back-breaking labor without succumbing to sickness or death. They are perceived as physically superior since they were forced to endure the hardest labor known to man and unending torture. In “Get Out” Chris ask why they chose black people. Jim Hudson states “Who knows? Some people want to change– some people want to be stronger, faster, cooler. Though Chris may not be strongest individual, his physical and mental strength is shown throughout the film as he physically overpowers the entire family individually in one on one battles. His mental strength is shown by using cotton to suppress his hearing and tricking the family into thinking he was under the hypnosis. In “Keanu” though there were not many white characters the movie shows how even people of the same color are even amazed at what they can do. An example would be when Keegan-Michael Key’s character Shark Tank succeeded  in his attempt to do a flip even though he had never done anything like it before.     Faster: In a study conducted by Waytz, Hoffman, and Trawalter for Social Psychological and Personality Science, it was found that black people were chosen as more likely to possess superhuman abilities 65 percent of the time, but for everyday abilities, they were chosen only 46 percent of the time over white people. The study concludes that this theory of superhumanization stems from the perception that black people are physically superior while white people are mentally and emotionally superior. Waytz concludes, “Ultimately we believe that superhumanization is just another way of ‘othering’ African Americans.” Superhumanization, in the end, is just dehumanization in a cape.Black Culture is something that people have always been interested in and wanted to be apart of. Its Uniqueness has created some people to even become obsessed with it. This obsession with African American culture goes all the way back to when black slaves were first brought into homes in the south. Before the creation of machines like Eli Whitney’s cotton gin, African Americans and their owners worked closely together wherein slave owners took great interest in their slaves. They did things such as watch the slaves play and soon adopted facets of their language. In “Get Out” most will think chris is wanted for his physical body thats not the entirety of it. Jim Hudson states “I couldn’t give a shit what color you are: what I want is deeper. I want your eyes, man. I want those things you see through.” He says this because he admires Chris’s photography work and likes the way sees the world. ” Today, we see this appropriation of culture in a more blatant light. Kylie Jenner, a white reality TV star, dons dreads and Fashion Police praises her “edginess” but when Zendaya Coleman, a black actress, sports dreads, they must “smell like weed.” When Iggy Azalea highlights her big butt or Kylie Jenner’s big lip pout goes viral, Viola Davis is pegged as “less classically beautiful”. It has become cool to take on their culture without taking on the vessel with which they experience the world.


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