Independence is defined as free from the influence, guidance, or control of another or others; self-reliant. Hagar was truly independent because she always longed to do things on her own. Even as a young woman, Hagar demonstrated her independence remarkably. After Hagar’s marriage with Brampton didn’t turn out the way she expected it to; she demonstrated her independence once more by leaving her husband and starting a life of her own with her youngest son. ” “Are we going to live with Marvin by the coast? ” John asked. “No. We’ll find a place of our own. I’ll have to get a job.

I could be someone’s housekeeper. ” ” This quote reveals that Hagar’s will for independence is still emphasized within her. Thus, making her independent spirit flourish more than it had in the past. Finally, Hagar made one final attempt to make her independence visible by running away from her home to go to Shadow Point. She did this because she didn’t want to live in a nursing home and she wanted to prove to Doris and Marvin that she could live on her own. “How pleased Doris would be, if I went back, to say she’d known all along she couldn’t trust me out of her sight for a moment.

How she’d sigh and sidle up to Marvin with her commentary. And then she’d- Of course. I’d almost forgotten. They’d crate me up in the can and deliver me like a parcel of old clothes to that place. ” Hagar could tell that she was slowly losing her independence because she could no longer do the things she use to on her own and this made her bitter. Therefore, independence is an important quality in Hagar’s character. Hagar viewed weakness as most do, a personal defect or failure. Only, she couldn’t bear showing herself as weak.

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She spent a lifetime trying to fight off her weakness’s. Her determination to keep a strong exterior prevents her from comforting her dying brother, Dan. She does not want to let her brother, or anyone else see her emotions. “But all I could think of was that meek woman I’d never seen, the woman Dan was said to resemble so much and from whom he’d inherited a frailty I could not help but detest, however much a part of me wanted to sympathize. To play at being her – it was beyond me. [… ] wanting above all else to do the thing he asked but unable to do it, unable to bend enough. This quotation is relevant because it shows how Hagar was afraid of being imperfect and expressing her feelings. She would rather show a bold outer shell then be looked upon as weak. Then, the night Hagar’s son John passed, she was unable to mourn. “The night my son died I was transformed into stone and never wept at all” The young woman was so afraid of appearing weak that even when her son died she wasn’t able to feel sadness. Therefore, the battle of being incapable of feeling weakness is one Hagar spent the rest of her life fighting. Hagar was aware of her sense dignity and value.

Pride is an important aspect of Hagar’s personality because it followed her through life. As of childhood, Hagar gave herself a high value. “I’d be about six, surely, when I had that plaid pinafore, pale green and red [… ] There I was strutting the board sidewalk like a pint-sized peacock, resplendent, haughty, hoity-toity, Jason Currie’s black-haired daughter. ” Therefore, Hagar’s pride is apparent because she’s prancing around her neighbourhood in order to show her self-esteem. Moreover, Hagar’s pride is manifest when she realizes that Marvin and Doris want to sell the house. I can think of only one thing – the house is mine. I bought it with my the money I worked for, in this which has served as a kind of home ever since I left the prairies. ” Thus, Hagar is proud of owning a house that she worked for and bought herself. She is in no manner ready to give it up. All in all, pride is an extravagant side of Hagar’s character. In the novel The Stone Angel Hagar’s personality is easily detected because she expresses herself and her wishes without a doubt in her mind. This character is defined as independent, afraid of her weaknesses and her pride is extravagant.


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