1. All the sisters lose their artlessness reasonably early into the novel. Minerva was the first to larn about the existent universe around her. While at get oning school with Patria and Maria Teresa. she meets a miss named Sinita who tells her the truth about Trujillo. Minerva realizes that her state isn’t as she thought it was. Patria realizes the same thing while out on a retreat in the mountains. She witnesses a immature adult male about the age of Noris. get gunned down. That’s when she realizes how bad the Dominican Republic is acquiring because of Trujillo. Maria Teresa was really immature throughout the novel but one time the misss were taken to prison. she had truly become cognizant of the problem she had gotten herself into. Dede loses her artlessness the same manner Maria Teresa does. When the misss were arrested. she was forced to take attention of the kids and be strong for the remainder of her household. 2. When Minerva says she “got free” I think she is stating that if she would hold ne’er went to get oning school she would hold ne’er gotten involved in the revolution. When Minerva leaves to get oning school. she meets Sinita. Sinita was the 1 who unraveled the existent truth about Trujillo to Minerva.

When Minerva learns the truth. she decides to alter it. When Minerva says she “got free” she is mentioning to her artlessness. She would hold still been stuck at place believing the prevarications her household was stating her. 3. All of the Mirabal sisters ne’er knew Trujillo personally until after they were sent away to get oning school. From the minute after the drama. when Sinita pointed the bow at Trujillo. he became involved in all of their lives. Subsequently in the novel. the household is invited to a party he is hosting. At the party. Minerva slaps Trujillo in the face. You notice that Trujillo gets closer to their lives at that point. He helps Minervas male parent out of prison. he sends the misss to prison. and he even goes to the Mirabal place personally to talk to Minerva. All of these actions show how close Trujillo is to the Mirabal sisters. 4. While in prison. the misss encountered many physical and psychological jobs. Minerva was the strongest piece in prison. She had to take charge and demo Mate non to give up. They keep Minerva in lone for hebdomads.

Magdalenas friendly relationship unsettles Mate because they both have immature girls. and talking to her brings up ideas about Jaqueline. Mate did non cognize the narrative of Magdalena and she eventually speaks about it so kisses Mate. which makes the state of affairs uncomfortable. Mate writes in her journal that she hasn’t gotten her period in a couple months. and when she gets it. she believes that she has lost the babe. Mate loses the babe because she was being electrocuted to do Leandro talk. The misss communicate with the work forces by coded messages with the work forces to do certain they knew what was traveling on. All of this unsettled the misss and subsequently they were released from prison. 5. After Minerva is released from prison. she wants to discontinue the revolution but she says she buzzword because she has become such a known figure. Once she gets used to being out of prison. she continues her rebellious life against Trujillo. I feel like she chose a bad way. If she had quit the revolution right so and at that place. she would hold had a opportunity to last.

Trujillo let her out believing she would halt and she merely made a deeper hole for her and her sisters. She is making a good thing for her state but she is taking herself into bad state of affairss at the same clip. 6. I believe that Dede is a immense portion in the novel. Even though she was non straight involved in the revolution. She was the sister in the novel that had a position on everything that was revolved around the revolution. Everything was in a whole different facet. I think that Julia Alvarez chose to do her one of the chief characters because she wasn’t involved. She could state her sisters narrative from her point of position. She still went through everything with her sisters. but she was the lone one left surviving. I think it is good that she survived because now she can populate to state the narratives of her sisters so their bequests live on. 7. As a immature miss. Patria ever wanted to be portion of the church. She was the highest in her category at Immaculada Concepcion. When she meets Pedrito. she decides she wants to be a female parent.

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She has 2 childs and gets pregnant with a 3rd. While pregnant she goes on a retreat into the mountains and witnesses a immature adult male get gunned down. From that minute she decides to fall in the revolution because that could’ve been her boy out at that place. I think she should hold stayed out of it for the interest of her kids and her matrimony. After her decease. she left behind a hubby and two kids since her 3rd kid passed off. 8. I think the Dominican people look up to the Mirabal sisters so much because they ne’er gave up. They all went through so much and still take to go on with the revolution. They knew they could hold died contending this “lost cause” but they still didn’t quit. All the Dominican people contending were looking up to the Mirabal sisters because of their courage and award for their state. I think that is why the Mirabal sisters narrative comes out on top. Although more people were contending for the same cause.

9. I think that composing the narrative in a fictional relation is really good. It helps you understand the narrative in an entertaining manner instead than it being a nonfictional relation. Even though the narrative of the sisters is true. they make it into a fictional narrative for it to be gratifying and non so sad and unhappy. Julia Alvarez chose to compose the narrative about adult females that die before they accomplish their end because it shows the truth behind the narrative. The Mirabal sisters were murdered before they could carry through their end and it left the readers inquiring about the stoping. I enjoyed the book being fictional. it reminds me of the narrative titanic.

10. Minerva was the bold one of the 4 sisters. When she had motive. she believed she could make anything. Her sisters thought she was being stupid at first. traveling against the higher power. When the Mirabals learn the truth behind their dictator they start to recognize that Minerva was right wholly along and they should be making the same for the interest of their households. The sisters learn to cover with being highly close because of the undercover agents around them. They besides hide everything from the kids so that they do non acquire involved in the revolution either. Jaimito knew that finally the sisters would decease. that is why Dede was non aloud to fall in her sisters. So when they are informed about the deceases. it doesn’t surprise him so much.


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