LIFE is the greatest gift we have ever received from our loving God. This should be the first thing we should be grateful for Him. And we should also remember the circumstances that our mother went through during her child bearing periods. And this is the other thing to be thankful about. Witnessing how a woman sacrifices almost half of her life in conceiving a child in her womb until the day of her giving birth to that awaited gift from God was really an amazing thing to realize.

It made me realize how important my life is, and made me more grateful to that wonderful person who happens to be my mother for giving me the chance to exist in the world where she lives. In the film we have watched, I have learned so many things just like how fetus is being form in her mother’s womb, why are we right or left handed, and what kind of birth are we going to have, and so many other things. It is so amazing that it has to take place this way. It saddens me to hear e news saying that there is another poor fetus left in nowhere by someone who happens to be her selfish mother.

Life is so important. Why there are people who cannot give importance to it. I hope that someday they realize the essence of the opportunity of a baby to experience the beauty of this world. And we, children of today’s society should try to look up and praise the greatest creator for showering us with the best mom in the world. And the last thing that I have reflected is that I am lucky because I am alive. I am fortunate because I have a mother. And I am blessed because I was loved by her.

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