In todays society the
world has grown so much, especially in a technological way. Often times you see
many individuals looking to the internet for many different questions and
concerns. You can find directions, how to’s and even questions to many
different underlying health issues, but the real question is whether it’s actually
accurate/ true information. When it comes to find out what may be wrong with
your body I always suggest going into see a doctor for professional help but many
being are just to busy or have a fear. In this paper one will rea about an
analysis of one of the most commonly used website for online health questions.

   is a site in which many people look to answer their
worries. I myself have herd many jokes about people using WebMD as a way to
find out what’s making them sick or what’s that rash, but it is actually very
well recognized and established site. The information on WebMD does not give
people diagnoses nor treatment but it is strictly a very good site for basic
health information. WebMD is run by “team of over 100 nationwide doctors and
health experts across a broad range of specialty areas” (Better information).
All their Physicians have at least their master’s degree in which vary in
different areas because they try to keep the info up to date/modernized. This collective
group of doctors not only run the site, but this is where the majority of WebMD’s
wellness information comes from.

            Because WebMD is completely free of cost to the people of
the world the way in which the website is paid for/ stays running free of
charge is by sponsors and advertisements. On this website there is a collaboration
of medical information on the site. This partnership is sought up of WebMD’s
medical information and in return for the site being paid for sponsors can “bring
you their marketing message and information about their products and services
by publishing their information or links within” (our sponsors), the site.
WebMD makes sure it very clear in which what information is in fact from them
or is provided from sponsors or for advertisement purposes.

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            To ensure that the information on the site is indeed
educational and correct, WebMD does in fact have an editorial board as well as
editorial Senior staff that follows a strict guideline to secure the info. Before
the information makes it to the site WebMD’s editorial staff guarantees that
the health information meets the following criteria: Relevance, clinical significance,
and season trends. (WebMD Editorial Policy). This is to ensure that the content
is up to the standards and follows the current years medical advancements.

            Although many use the information found on WebMD wrong,
in which they use it to help them conclude/ detect why they are sick instead of
using it as just a database for information, I would indeed use this website
for my own personal health. On this site I believe there is some valuable data one
can learn such as different medical terminology, material about supplements/drugs
and info on healthy living. 


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