In the yearss prior to World War Two. the First World War was referred to as “the War to stop all Wars” . ( Devine. 14 ) Despite this name. merely twenty-odd old ages had passed before the states of the universe one time once more engaged in armed struggle. The pact of Versailles and the conditions in Europe precipitated a 2nd large-scale struggle in Europe. ( Devine. 16 ) The decision of WWII ended the jobs that derived from WWI by stoping the Fascist absolutisms of Europe. stoping European and Asiatic imperialism. and switching military power out of Europe.

The Treaty of Versailles created enormous force per unit area on Germany. Austria-Hungary. and other states who bore the incrimination for the struggle. ( Morgan. 18 ) The economic depression in these states that resulted from their efforts to pay reparations led to a political clime ripe for the rise of Fascism. ( Morgan. 27 ) The people of states such as Italy. Germany and Spain were willing to encompass this hyper-nationalist signifier of authorities. giving up their freedoms in exchange for the promise of better economic conditions and a return of their several states to international prominence. Morgan. 30 ) The rise of hyper-nationalism in Fascist Germany and Italy was one of the precipitating causes of the Second World War in Europe. Hitler’s Germany began to militarise and “reclaim” countries of Europe that Hitler declared to be portion of the rightful German imperium. ( Morgan. 108 ) These parts included all of Austria. and portion of the state of Czechoslovakia. referred to by Hitler as the Sudetenland ( southland ) . When Germany invaded Poland to return the land to Germany. France and Britain declared war.

The consequences of WWII ended the reign of fascism in Europe. ( Morgan. 117 ) The personalities around whom the fascist authoritiess were built. Hitler in Germany. and Mussolini in Italy. were killed in the war attempt. and their doctrines discredited when the atrociousnesss they committed became public cognition. ( Morgan. 197 ) Of the Fascists of Europe. merely Francisco Franco of Spain. which had remained impersonal in the war. survived. ( Morgan. 201 ) After WWII. Germany was divided into a Soviet-controlled Eastern half. and a Republican western half.

Patriot attempts were turned to reunion. instead than conquest. ( Morgan. 203 ) The devastation of the German War machine was absolute. extinguishing them as a hereafter menace to stableness in Europe. ( Morgan. 205 ) Italy and Japan were likewise disarmed at the decision of WWII. doing future menaces to universe stableness from these powers unlikely in the extreme. ( Morgan. 206 ) The terminal of WWII besides marked the terminal of the bare Imperialism that characterized all the major European states since WWI. Betts. 113 ) Britain. France. Germany. Japan and other states granted independency. or protectorate position to their imperial retentions. doing self-sovereignty the “new” end of international foreign policy. ( Betts. 127 ) Japan was forced to give up the Pacific Islands they had occupied. and retreat their invasion of China. ( Betts. 128 ) Germany likewise ceded their occupied districts and permitted free pick for the subsequent authoritiess. Betts. 133 ) One of the universe powers that emerged from WWII. the United States. embraced self-government as the ideal for states of the universe. and began to contend against attempts to prosecute in imperialist activities on the parts of other states. ( Betts. 144 ) The decision of WWII marked a displacement in the moral force of universe struggle. ( Prying. 18 ) During WWI and WWII. laterality on the seas determined a big portion of military control. After WWII. states who had entree to arms of mass devastation became the powers of the World. Prying. 22 ) For the first clip in modern history. the cardinal struggle of the universe was non between Britain and Germany or France. but between the United States and the Soviet Union. European powers became pawns in a world-wide power battle between opposing political orientations. ( Prying. 27 ) The United States used war Reconstruction money as a enticement to the states of Europe to eschew Communism in favour of republican authorities. ( Prying. 34 ) After WWII. armed struggle was limited to third-party wars where one side or the other efficaciously acted as a placeholder for one of the Superpowers. Levering. 46 ) This was managed to avoid direct struggle between the Superpowers. which could hold led to devastation of the full universe through atomic obliteration. ( Prying. 55 ) As a consequence. tonss of minor struggles and a smattering of major wars were fought after WWII by autochthonal people with military and economic support from the USSR and the United States. ( Prying. 58 ) This scenario played out in states such as China. Korea. Vietnam. Nicaragua. Cuba. Afghanistan. and many others. ( Prying. 75 )

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It is clear that the effects of WWII resolved many of the issues that resulted from WWI. WWII ended European Fascism. eliminated European and Asiatic imperialism. and for good shifted the balance of World Power off from Europe. The Treaty of Versailles produced conditions in Europe that made Fascism an attractive and popular option. which played a great function in precipitating WWII. As a consequence of the unsolved issues of WWI. WWII became the latest “war to stop all wars” . It is hoped by the states of the universe that struggle on the graduated table of WWII ne’er be repeated in the history of world.


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