Home Page » Business and Management Speech In: Business and Management Speech Speech goal: The purpose of this presentation is to persuade the audience members to consider incorporating more fruits and vegetables into their diets. I. The American Heart Association states, that cardiovascular disease causes about 2200 deaths a day in the US. A. According to a study at Oxford University, eating more fruits and vegetables can lower your risk for heart disease by 25%. 1. Green leafy vegetables and red or purple colored fruits are the best. . The darker the colors, the denser the nutrients. II. Fruits and vegetables can help you lose and maintain a healthy weight. A. Fruits and vegetables are high in water and fiber. 1. This helps the body feel fuller longer. a. They expand and the stomach and empty more slowly. b. Choosing foods with a low caloric density allows you to lose weight without feeling like your starving yourself. B. Fruits and vegetables give you more energy. 1. As your energy levels increase, so does your activity levels. a.

The more active the body stays the more calories it can burn. III. How to get the most nutrients out of your fruits and vegetables. A. Fruits are generally consumed raw. 1. Picking fruit that is vine ripened will contain the most nutrients. 2. Keeping it cool and dry will lengthen its shelf life. B. Vegetables can be healthy both in the raw and cooked states. 1. The key when cooking is to prevent the vitamins from leaching out. a. To overcome this they should be cooked quickly in very little water and removed while they are still crisp.


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