It is a bright and cheery twenty-four hours you get up and pick the newspaper up for some bracing intelligence. but……… . what’s doing the intelligence? ? ? ? “14 twelvemonth old commits suicide. 10th standard miss leaps from the 3rd floor. admitted to ICU. “ a self-destruction here and a encephalon jambon fury at that place and who’s the perpetrator? ? ? ? The increasing competition and the climb force per unit area. On the twenty-four hours of Rohit’s consequence. his parents don’t attention about how their kid would hold fared. but how many Markss will Rahul. Robhit’s rival mark. Such is the face of this awful devil I the modern system of instruction.

“Competition is the spice of athleticss. but if you make spice the whole repast. You’ll be ill. ” These twosome of lines from the pen of George Leonard says a batch about the increasing competition among pupils. Yes. there needs to be some feeling of acquiring in front of others and it many a times has positive effects on people. carrying them to give in their best. but if your best is non adequate to be the best of them all them you got a accept it and believe that you have to and you can work harder. And at one point of clip the kids might good accept the fact that they are non the best. but who will state the parents that. “After the game. male monarch and the pawn travel it into the same box. ”

It so is a human feeling to see your kid doing his manner to the top but. isn’t devising and maintaining your kid happy portion of human nature excessively. Then why? Why do your kid feel oppressed and left out by inquiring him to vie and more significantly win. cognizing in some corner of your bosom. that he really can’t win why can’t we merely allow it be and non do everything a affair of bash or decease. After all. traveling by the words of Dean Smith. the missive doesn’t seem to be the best manner of life.

“If you make every game a life and decease proposition.

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You are traveling to hold jobs. For one thing. you will be dead or batch. ”

And more significantly everyone is non good at everything and no 1 can of all time be. but so don’t forget that everyone has that particular spot of endowment in something or the other which makes him different. different from his so called rivals. So as I reach to words the terminal of this article. I merely want to add that instead than seeking to vie with others. why non merely do spots of self research. or if I put it in conformity with the on traveling subject. “Compete” with no 1 but yourself to acquire out that particular endowment and may be one twenty-four hours. with god’s grace and your ain brace you might good stop up on the top and even if you don’t do so for the universe. I can assure you one thing that for your ain ego. satisfaction and belief. you will ever be on top. And if you still don’t believe me. so seek it out:

‘The lone competition worthy a wise adult male is with himself. ’


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