Band-Aids have been around since the 1920s. and they are an internationally known merchandise. Band-Aids must be marketed to an international audience. and since most everyone knows what a Band-Aid is. the company must trust on marketing techniques to demo consumers why the Band-Aid trade name is the best pick to purchase. In a Band-Aid advertizement released in 2010 by an advertisement company. JWT Dubai. there is a image of the Hulk’s manus with a bantam Band-Aid wrapped around it. and the full page is colored with different sunglassess of green. This ad is non covered in brainsick images or an array of vivacious colourss ; it is simple and concise.

This simplistic advertisement of the Hulk’s manus makes this ad easy for anyone to grok. and it besides conveys several different powerful messages to demo a consumer the effectivity of this merchandise. Johnson & A ; Johnson was founded in 1886 and is a Fortune 500 corporation that has worldwide pharmaceutical gross revenues of around 65 million dollars. Johnson & A ; Johnson sells medical devices. pharmaceuticals. and consumer-based bundles ( Wikipedia. 2011 ) .

Three brothers founded Johnson & A ; Johnson in Brunswick. New Jersey. and so an employee invented Band-Aids. In 1921 Band-Aids were made available to the populace. and it was the first commercial dressing made for little lesions ( Johnson & A ; Johnson. 2011 ) . This corporation now operates in over 57 states. and its merchandises are sold in over 175 states. Johnson & A ; Johnson ranks at the top of Harris Interactive National Corporate Reputation Survey. and the Barron’s magazine has ranked them the world’s most well-thought-of company.

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The U. S. State Department awarded Johnson & A ; Johnson with the Benjamin Franklin Award for public diplomatic negotiations for funding international instruction plans. ( Wikipedia. 2011 ) . Johnson & A ; Johnson is a globally known company. and about everybody has used a merchandise from this company. Even though Johnson & A ; Johnson is a big and good known company. advertisement is an indispensable tool to maintain reminding consumers who can supply the best at place medical merchandises. This advertizement was marketed internationally. and The Hulk. is an internationally known hero.

The mark audience was geared more towards work forces. kids. and parents. Work force are more likely to cognize who The Hulk is. and that is why this ad was placed in assorted men’s magazine. This ad was placed in different video game magazines that are read by largely male childs and work forces. Another arrangement of this ad was on the Internet. like children’s vesture sites.

This could be effectual because a female parent could be shopping for apparels for her boy. and she sees the ad and can associate to it because her boy loves The Hulk. This ad could be placed in about any magazine. and be effectual because of the nature of the merchandise. Even though this ad is aimed more at work forces and male childs. it has other ways to pull adult females to the merchandise. This ad was besides placed in some women’s magazines like place and garden. trade. and even manner columns.

Even if a adult female did non cognize who The Hulk was. she can still reason from the advertizement that the Band-Aid heals. protects. and is strong. This ad can appeal to work forces and immature male childs more than adult females. but no affair where it is placed it can still convey a message of strength and healing. By utilizing the amusing dad civilization icon.

The Hulk. it shows the strength and flexibleness of the Band-Aid. The chief point of this advertizement is to demo how flexible the patch is. The thought was that Bruce Banner put the Band-Aid on before he became The Hulk. and when he turned into The Hulk. the set assistance was so flexible and strong it did non fall off. The Hulk is associated with strength. so by seeing the Hulk’s manus the thought of strength is revealed. The message is no affair how active you are or where you go. the Band-Aid will remain put.

Another message that can be relayed is that The Hulk seems indestructible. and even super heroes use Band-Aids. and no family should travel without them. By utilizing the celebrated hero The Hulk. the product’s benefit truly comes to life. and the ad speaks volumes utilizing no words. Some thoughts and messages are conveyed to a consumer in other ways than words. In this advertizement the colour viridity is used to assist stress the thought of the ad.

The colour viridity is used worldwide to stand for safety and is considered the most reposeful colour. Green can besides stand for nature. mending. growing. and balance. The intent of Band-Aids is to mend lesions. and the assorted sunglassess of green represent the healing and safety elements of the patch. The different green sunglassess are used to originate feelings of safety and healing. and the advertizement wants the reader to tie in their trade name with those feelings. The topic of this ad is the contrasting tan patch on the Hulk’s finger.

The contrasting sunburn colour illuminates the merchandise. and the combination of the colourss help make the thought of the importance of the manus and its patch. A lighter viridity of shadiness is placed in the centre of the ad. and that creates a spotlight consequence to heighten the focal point of this ad. By merely utilizing colourss entirely. this advertisement sends a elusive message to its audience.

When planing this ad. advertizers besides had to see the arrangement of the images and merchandise. When people read a page. the normal reading form is from top to bottom and left to compensate. The Hulk’s manus starts at the upper left manus side of the page. and advertizers make a ocular way down Hulk’s manus to the merchandise that is being advertised in the center of the page. Since there is a monochromatic colour strategy. it is hard to lose focal point of the chief topic.

After the reader views the patch. the ocular way continues down Hulk’s bandaged finger to a box of Band-Aid trade name patchs. The arrangement of the Band-Aid box at the underside right manus corner makes the trade name the last image a reader sees before turning the page. The effectual function of the images draws attending to the of import elements of the ad. and in a specific order the advertizers want a consumer to see the ad. This advertizement proves that a merchandise can be marketed efficaciously by utilizing simplistic arrangement techniques and monochromatic colour strategies.

The colour picks efficaciously set a appeasement and mending temper. and the strong and powerful manus shows the strength and flexibleness of the merchandise. Even if person did non cognize who The Hulk was. this ad could still be good because it shows a strong manus with a small Band-Aid wrapped around it. and it could be inferred that the small Band-Aid is strong. The Hulk Band-Aid ad was voted one of the top 40 most originative ads by adsoftheworld. com in 2011. and it still circulates on the Internet as a superb ad.



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