India is the 2nd highest populated country in the world right behind China. With that many people in your country you could or will have lots of poverty in your citizens, but since the IT revolution has been in India that is changing quickly. I strongly believe that the IT revolution has mostly been a positive event for India because it has been a large factor for the economic growth of India for the last 20+ years.

The well-educated citizens who have been trained in the IT field very well have accomplished this. They all go through this training because of the high paying Jobs that are given to the best-trained students; this workforce also creates a globally good image for India. India has become a leader in the IT revolution for many possible reasons. First, India has developed a very strong IT training institute in Bangor.

Tens of thousands of students have attended and learned how to speak fluent English and be proficient users of Information Technology. People are trained both for IT services and business information outsourcing for the call centers. Second, the pay scale for these highly trained workers is significantly lower than the pay scale for the same workers in the United States or Europe. This makes it a lot cheaper to outsource Jobs to these workers in India.

Because of this well-trained workforce, companies from the United States have brought their resources to India because of how cheap it is to outsource the IT services there. India has increased service export during 2000-2012, it has estimated from 8 billion to 60 billion for the first decade in this century. Another piece of evidence is that foreign investments in India have increased at a similarly high rate; this is all possible because of the high quality Indian workforce.

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Many have and still will say that the IT revolution has mostly been a bad thing; a woman in the video “The Other Side of Outsourcing” says “Don’t make us part of your ways of life, leave us out of it, but don’t make us poor! ” People may say that the new generation’s traditions are breaking bonds between families, or that ancient traditional values are being thrown away, but if you look at he westernizes of India, its kind of like a teenager, its going to rebel, and its going to get what it wants eventually.

Even if that means throwing away old family traditions, you know eventually these kinds of things will fade away with every new generation. India has had its ups and downs with the IT revolution, but what country wouldn’t with such an immense population. Overall the IT revolution has had a positive effect on Indian’s economic growth because of the high paying Jobs that are rewarded to the top students coming fresh out of IT institutes. Indian IT Revolution By Dissidents


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