Indifference After being In this class for a little over a month we have discussed about some very important social conflicts In society whose roots of conflict pertain to Indifference. I feel Like Indifference definitely does play some sort of role In each of the societal conflicts such as race and immigration but it’s not at the root of the conflicts. In the sass’s Martin Luther King Jar. Was a very popular civil rights activist, known by many around the united States and worldwide. Honestly, Martin Luther King Jar. Was and will always be the most important aspect of desegregation In the united States.

He opened many people’s eyes to the world of the societal problems dealing with racism and segregation. Martin Luther King Jar. Showed people that you didn’t have to be indifferent to conflicts and problems that we all face everyday, no matter what race, religion, nationality, or anything else that may be a factor In problems faced. Many people during Martin Luther King Jar’s time TLD do much to fix the social conflicts faced because they were scared of what the consequences would be and that Is because the majority of white people were Indifferent towards African Americans and didn’t want the country to change how It had been for decades.

MILK took It upon himself to not sit around and let things not change; he traveled the country to spread his ideas and dreams to everyone and to stop being indifferent towards the societal problems that were at hand during the time. By Martin Luther King Jar. Not being indifferent, it broke huge barriers in society throughout the United States. I think Martin Luther King Jar. Said it best when he stated two quotes “In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. ” and also when he said “Indifference is the essence of inhumanity.

These two quotes are monumental with working with indifference. People who are indifferent get nothing done and can’t change the world. If we all Just sit around and ignore and not care about what goes on In our society on any level whether It be racial problems, economic problems, employment, Immigration, and so on then we as a society will never make a difference. I think being indifferent towards things is a sign of weakness and insecurity, why wouldn’t you want to do something to change the world? Why wouldn’t you want to help out your neighbor that is struggling financially?

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How can we, as a society, just sit back and not worry or do anything? We, as a society, can only survive off of each other by working together, solving problems, and helping each other out no matter what ethnicity we are, our religion, our financial status, or anything else that pertains to the characteristics of a person and our lives. With society being indifferent we will fail and crumble into pieces and won’t recover from the damages committed due to indifference. The mall social conflict that we’ve discussed In class Is racism.

When talking about this subject I relate racism and hatred to be synonymous. Throughout the beginning of time I feel like at some point every type of nationalistic group, religious group, definitely had people against them Just because of who they were. I really don’t think indifference is at the root of this social conflict; which is racism. I feel like most people automatically Judge others off of their outer appearance and base it off of visual observations. We then see that there is a distinction between us and the other person we look at.

It’s not so much that we, as a society, sit back and do nothing to fix this racism problem; because we have done a lot in the past to end slavery, segregate and fight for equal rights for all people. No matter what goes on in the world people will always Judge you and there really isn’t much you can do to change that unless you get to know a person. I have been raised in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas in a city called Fresco. Fresco is pretty well diverse with every type of race, ethnicity, and religion.

I have been in Fresco since I was 5 and did all of my schooling there, we were always playing and hanging out with each other and no one really has a problem with anybody with regards to race and religion and every other discriminating” topic. Fresco is a pretty wealthy suburb of Dallas; I am very privileged in what I was, and still am able to do because of the success of my parents and how they raised my siblings and l. I think the main root of racism in this country is the ignorance of people and us seeing things being portrayed on the media sites whether it is on television or the Internet.

The media portrays so many things in a way that we, the people, seem to always believe is right and we are brainwashed by that. The 10 o’clock news will have four stories in a row about an African American an in the ghettos of a city robbing a convenient store or robbing a house. We then watch the news and get this perception of African Americans, or any other ethnic group for that matter, and Just stereotype them from this events portrayed. If you notice, we rarely see anything in the news about a white man robbing a store or hijacking a car from an old lady; it’s 90% of the time going to be someone of another race.

I also think the main reason for racism is how we are raised and brought up by our parents. We learn our parents’ views and perspectives of things on life and we end to grasp them and believe the same things as they do. For instance, one of my good friends from back home, his parents grew up in the sass’s when the civil rights movement was going on. They grew up in Jackson, Mississippi where it was very segregated. To this day his parents are very racist and are anti everything that isn’t white.

Their views get passed on to their kids (my friends) and it kind of brainwashed him into thinking that if someone isn’t white then they are no good and are of a lower standard than he his. Thankfully my parents didn’t grow up in a really segregated area of the country during thesis’s. To me, indifference plays somewhat of a role in racism, but like Eve stated before I don’t think it is the root of racism. I think indifference to racism was more of a root back in the sass’s and ass’s because not many people wanted to be integrated with each other and no one wanted a lot of change because they were use to it being the social norm.

Nowadays, especially in my generation, people really do care about the whole racism aspect of life and we do things to make sure it doesn’t get to how it was in the past. We don’t ignore it as much as my parent’s generation did but there are always those people that will antique be racist views. Indifference has a little bit to do with immigration, but not a whole lot. I think that the only aspect of indifference that we show towards immigration is that we don’t want anybody and everybody coming into this country taking Jobs and possibly causing problems.

We that fear in mind, society doesn’t want to do anything to improve the immigration process for those that want to migrate to the United States. In a way, indifference towards immigration shows some racial tendencies in my mind. People are so Judgmental on how a person looks; I realized this after reading Arab in America. Even though a Muslim man looks the way he does with his skin color and physical features, doesn’t mean he isn’t a citizen of the United States. To be honest, immigration and racism are portrayed through media outlets as stated earlier.

We watch the news and see the War on Terrorism, the broadcasts show a list of people’s names that could be possible terror threats and they all have Middle Eastern names. When we see this, society assumes that every Middle Easterner is a terror threat and shouldn’t be in America. How would you feel if you were born in the United States ND people thought you didn’t belong there Just because of your heritage? Being raised in the suburbs of Dallas, I have experienced being around a lot of Hispanic men and women.

I have been exposed to the immigration of Hispanics fleeing from Mexico to come to the United States. In Texas, illegal immigration is a huge problem because of the border between Mexico and Texas. I would say I have slightly been brainwashed by the media and by the people that I have grown up around that almost every Hispanic person around Dallas are illegal immigrants, which is definitely an issue. Sure, a lot of the Mexican population in and around Dallas and other parts of Texas are illegal immigrants. Do I think that every single one is illegal?

No, not at all. Watching the news back home I would always hear something on the news pertaining to someone getting deported back to Mexico or something along those lines. We have a hired maid at my house that cleans our house every Thursday; she has a green card and goes back and forth from Mexico and the US. She is the sweetest lady and she is Just trying to better her life for her and her family. I think the main root of problems with immigration is how we grew up and especially where n the country we grew up in.

For instance, me being raised in Texas Eve witnessed a decent amount of immigration problems pertaining to Hispanic people. But, if you go to Colorado or Kansas, or anywhere in the Midwest that isn’t near a border, they barely are exposed to the whole emigration aspect of life. When it all comes down to it, the main cause of racism, immigration, and a lot of other societal problems that we face on an every day basis are not primarily due to indifference. Indifference does play a role in the conflicts but it definitely isn’t the main root of the problems.


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