Conduct a research to examine its Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning strategies. General Requirement: You are required to write your assignment in an essay format to discuss one of the three topics above. In order to complete this assignment, you are expected to conduct a primary and/or a secondary research and critically apply marketing theories in analyzing real-life examples. Extra mark is given for critical thinking and primary research. Please also include the evidence for your primary research in the appendix. It should be the transcript of your interviews, interview questions and related materials.

The length of the individual assignment should be 1000 words (i 1 excluding appendices. All assignments should be typed and set 1. 5 line spacing with ID-point Arial font. You must submit both a hard copy and an electronic copy of your assignment. Due date: Slot 17. A deduction of 10% of the assignment mark will be applied for each day of late submission. Reference: Plagiarism is considered academic misconduct and, as such, will be severely penalized. Plagiarism involves using the work of another person and presenting t as one’s own.

Acts of plagiarism include copying parts of a document without acknowledging and providing the source for each quotation or piece of borrowed material. Similarly, using or extracting another person’s concepts, experimental results or conclusions, summarizing another person’s work or, where, there is collaborative preparatory work, submitting substantially the same final version of any material as another student constitutes plagiarism. It is your responsibility to make sure you acknowledge within your writing where you have “sourced” he information, ideas and facts etc.

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Therefore, include a reference list (list of all documents, books, journals, websites… That you use to write the report) tats Chi Pam modem for Oversimplifications [sees… Our report. Beer’s writing focused and concise. The questions as guidance on the end of your report.


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