Cross-cultural Worlds at Work ( single interview study ) In this single assignment, you are required to interview person who is different from you ( see standards below ) so that you may larn from the interviewee and be able to adequately reflect on the inquiries for analysis as given below. Please do yourself cognizant of inquiries for interview and for analysis before carry oning the interview. This interview is designed for pupils who are larning about diverseness.


Find person who meets all three standards:
at least 7 old ages older or younger than you are ;
making work that you may non conceive of yourself making ; and
culturally clearly different from you.

Conducting the Interview

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Your end is to acquire the individual speaking. Listen for what is said, what is implied, and what is non said. Try non to infix your sentiments and experience. Use the sample interview inquiries as below ; delight experience free to add your ain.

Get down the interview by explicating who you are and why you are questioning him or her. Thank the individual unfeignedly for giving you his or her clip and ideas. Be sensitive throughout the interview sing whether the individual wants to go on.

Sample Interview Questions

Start with inquiries that are easy and comfy to reply.
1. What sort of work do you make?
2. How long have you been making it?
3. Can you depict a typical working day?
Then travel to inquiries that require more thought and resonance with the interviewer.
1. Why did you stop up making this work? What sort of individual frequently does this kind of work? ( And would you see yourself typical? )
2. What do you wish about this work?
3. What is hard about this work?
4. How do [ clients, others in the company, etc. ] dainty you? What do they believe about the occupation you do? [ Adapt this inquiry to suit your peculiar interview—try to acquire at how the individual thinks he or she is treated based on his or her work. ] 5. How does being a [ fill in the space with a outstanding cultural class: adult male, older individual, Afro-american, 20-something, etc. ] drama into the work you do?

6. Have this work changed the manner you think about yourself and about the universe? 7. What are some cultural values that are of import to you? [ It can be household, work, or interpersonal. ] Do you believe these are similar to or different from mainstream American civilization? Please explicate your thoughts. 8. What do you like best about American civilization? What do you like least? [ Even if the individual is American, he or she will hold an sentiment about this inquiry that gives you some insight about how he or she views things from his or her position. ] Thank him or her once more.

Analysis of Your Interview and Writing Your Report

Think about your interview, the individual, and his or her work. Please see these inquiries as you write your study for this assignment. Make certain to show a good thought response based on your interview and these inquiries. 1. First, province who the interviewee is and how does he or she meet the three standards ( all three should be met ) . 2. What aspects of this person’s work determine or bespeak his or her position relation to others? 3. What are some of the connexions between this person’s work experience and gender, race, age, and/or ethnicity, etc. ? 4. What kinds of attitudes, values, and behaviours does this person’s work civilization promote? 5. What attitudes and values held by this individual are similar to your ain, and which are different? 6. From this interview, what can give us insight into pass oning across civilizations or across work civilizations?


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