Industrialization in Women in Love BY Mystical Industrialization industrialization -“is the period of social and economic change that transforms a human A classic example of industrialization and man’s struggle to control and tame nature, In making way for machines is In the book “Women In Love”. Gerald a macho, man’s man symbolizes modern man. He Is rolling as described In Women In Love a beautiful mare (Mare meaning “a female horse who is mature enough for sexual reproduction. As a general rule, a horse is considered a mare after the age of The mare symbolizes in this passage tauter, in all its beauty, power and reproduction.

As Gerald rides this beast he comes across rail road tracks with the gate down and a train coming. The train represents the industrialization and technology of man. As the train starts to pass by the mare becomes untamed and begins to hop around and scream from being frightened from the train. Modern man (Gerald) controls her violent behavior by kicking her and pulling on the rains. The horse really never summits to Gerald and Gerald continues to forces the mare to stay close to train with Its loud tracks and carts blaring by and he horn of trains travels through the air.

The train continues In the distance stopping for nothing, Gerald continues to keep the horse close to the tracks and Mare never really settles down till the train Is no more. This Is an example of man trying to control nature in an attempt to become more modern and industrialized. The man needs nature to summit to him so he can live in industrial civilization. Thus modern man needs to subdue nature in making way for technology. Yet nature does not respond well with new technology, simple put machines torched nature. It’s a clever illustration that the author (D. H.

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Lawrence) uses to show the never ending battle of industrialization and how it becomes a battle of suffering with nature usually taking the post hits. It becomes a battle with nature constantly taking back what was originally here’s, through natural disasters e. X. (tsunami ,earth quakes hurricanes). Man keeps destroying nature and nature keeps destroying man. Lawrence here vividly Illustrates the dynamic destruction of the two In our attempts to modernize and Industrialized. Technology destroys natures and we will never be able to fully control nature yet we strive to be more and more industrialized causing more robbers for nature e. . Pollution. In women love d D. H. Lawrence again makes an illustration of nature evolving into a more industrial society. During a dinner Heroine and Gerald have a discussion about personalities and how competitiveness drives the person to succeed. Heroine states that it is bad “to provoke a spirit of rivalry. It makes bad blood. And bad blood accumulates. “( 37)Gerald on the other hand argues the opposite. He Believe it is necessary for this competition to happen drive greater thinking and improvement. ” but you can’t do with the spirit of emulation altogether?… T Is one of the incentives to production and improvement. Here Lawrence explains how people fighting with each other promotes Important changes In production and Improvements. Stating that without competition the technology would not move along as fast. But the nature of the beast with Lawrence as he points out through Heroine is that competition brings out a bitterness or “bad industrialization yet does not condemn the social change. If taking the quote out of context and placing them into history we can see how true it is what he is saying about industrialization. War is great, technology wise many innovations occur and ore rapidly than any other time.

The sense of competition and urgency that war brings to each side is more vivid and alive than any other time. Yet the greatness of war and how it sparks creativeness through technology also destroys humans and nature. Think of the atom bombs dropped. It is or was greatest technology advancement of its time Yet though technology (the bomb) is the greatest destruction of a group people and nature in one single explosion. Lawrence makes it very evident through these two writing how there is a problem with nature and how it coincides with technology.


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