Discount Retailer It has lower inventory levels because of its more targeted customers hunters. 12 F Fast Food Retailer/Franchiser – discount Majority of its assets is invested in APE for its stores and very, very fast inventory turnover – it has the shortest days inventory since its inventories are very perishable 4 G Food Products Manufacturer It has the second lowest days inventory since its products are less perishable than that of a fast food retailer.

H Insurance Company for claims and investment assets for invested premiums 11 I Internet Retailer Very high receivables turnover its sales are mostly with cards; however it also maintains a very high inventory level to be able to meet its customer’s demands anytime, anywhere. It also has intangible assets for proprietary assets. J Internet Service Provider It has no inventories. It has majority of its assets invested in APE for its cables, wires, and fiber optics for it to be able to meet its customer requirements. 7 K Oil Company (fully integrated) It has a slight longer days in inventory for its oil and oil derivative products.

Majority of its assets is invested in APE L Pharmaceutical Manufacturer It has relatively slow days inventory since drugs usually have a year or more expiration date, it has intangible assets for patents, but not very high since research and development costs are not capitalize. 14 M Securities Brokerage It has no inventories. Most of the times, securities brokerage to be able to take advantage of favorable market opportunities stay very liquid and park their assets in cash. 13 N Software Manufacturer It has no inventories. It has a very high level of intangible assets for its software copyrights, patents, etc.


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