Influence of Rock and Roll

Rock and roll is a type of music that came up in the late years of 1940s and early 1950s.The music is said to have originated from different combination of styles that existed at this time. This type of music had a great influence in the society. It was mostly seen as a threat by many especially the parents and the religious groups. It promoted a culture that was full of rebellion. Many parents were not comfortable with it as it promoted practices which went against straight upbringing of their children. (Friedlander, P 1996 34)

Opposition against rock and roll was mainly on what was being promoted. Parents were afraid that their children were getting some form of freedom which was making them rebellious. They were being encouraged to indulge in sex at a very early age. This was against the moral standards that the parents and the religious groups were trying to impact. The most affected of the teenagers were girls who found the rock and roll artists very sexually appealing. Girls were carried away and engaged in all manner of sexual orgies being promoted by the “rock and roll” music. It was cool to engage in sexual practices. The young people experimentations with drugs at a round this time was attributed to the rock and roll music. Most of the artists were into drugs; this prompted the followers of this genre of music to indulge into this dangerous practice as they sought their way to freedom. Rebellion against the systems was the in thing at a round this time; this is what “rock and roll” was all about, threatening the very core of the society. (Friedlander, P 1996 47)

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America at around this time was undergoing some changes; it was coming out of a war period. People were having money to spend on various things and the society was generally prosperous .It was the period when conformity was the in thing. You either belong to a group or do as they do or you are left alone in the dark. Perhaps this played a very great role in the popularizing the rock and roll music and all that went along with it. I t was appealing to the young as it promised freedom that they could not have gotten from any other sources. Parents viewed this new found independence as rebellion against them and the society at large. Influence of this type of music was great such that it went on for a long time. The American culture was greatly influenced by this type of music spanning criticism from various quarters which were not happy with what the rock and roll was all about. The changes brought about by this type of must were far and wide as some of them continued to be felt up to now.

Work Cited

Friedlander, P.Rock and Roll: A social History.Westview Press (1996)


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