Thesis Statement Even though science is based on factual evidence and religion is based on mythical beliefs, the main conflict between the two is when they overlap and you do not know which one to believe. I. Let’s attempt to explore the overlapping differences when dealing with the creation of the Earth; what happened to the dinosaurs; the session to have an abortion; homosexuality; and the near death experience.

II. Topic Sentence #1 b. How was the earth formed? I’. Religion – Genesis 1:1 less than 10,000 years ago ill. Science – Dust and gas from a solar nebula 4. 5 billion years ago Ill. Topic Sentence #2 c. What happened to the dinosaurs? ‘v. Religion – “Gap Theory’ 1 . When Satan was exiled from heaven, he fell from the heavens unto earth removing it of all life and form. V. Science – “Big Bang Theory’ 2. A meteor collided with the Earth and caused the Ice Age. IV. Topic Sentence #3 d. Is having an abortion murder? V’. Religion – Yes. Evil. Science – No. V. Topic Sentence #4 e.

Is homosexuality genetic or a decision? Viii. Religion – God created woman to be a partner and companion of man ‘x. Science – Genes have been identified showing homosexual tendencies VI. Topic Sentence #5 f. The near death experience (NEED) x. Religion – visions of Heaven and loved ones who have passed away Science – dissociation hallucination VI’. Conclusion g. Thesis Statement rephrased x’. Regardless, of the formation of the Earth, the dinosaurs, abortion, homosexuality and ear death experiences; the main conflict between the factual evidence of science and mythical beliefs of religion is when they overlap.


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