Information and Communication Management of Radio Industry

Executive Summary


Executive Summary

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  1. Introduction

1.1 Beginning of Radio Broadcasting in New Zealand


2.0 Analysis

2.1 Porters 5 Forces Analysis


2.2 Turning negative ICTs to Positive


2.3 Value Chain of Radio Industry

2.4 ICTs to Connect Linkages


3.0 Conclusion and Recommendations


4.0 Mentions


1.0 Introduction

1.1 Beginning of Radio Broadcasting in New Zealand

Radio broadcast medium foremost came approximately in New Zealand in 1921. The happening happened in Wellington with an unaccredited transmittal of recordings. Soon after, the first accredited wireless broadcast occurred with the transmittals of concerts of a Professor from Otago University ( Radio Spectrum Management, 2014 ) . Therefore, it can be said that the first wireless broadcast mediums in New Zealand were all transmitted by random persons. It was non until 1922, when private wireless Stationss were established with the concomitant of the authorities. From so till 1930s, the private wireless broadcast medium industry flourished in the state.

1.1 Industry description

2.0 Analysis

2.1 Porters 5 Forces

In order to find and accomplish the competitory advantage, Michael E. Porter developed five competitory forces in a concern environment that has a direct or indirect impact on the organisation ( Hill & A ; Jones, 2007 ) . The five forces Model of Porter divided entities into five groups as

  1. Menace of new entrant
  2. Competitive competition
  3. Dickering power of purchasers
  4. Bargaining of providers
  5. Menace of replacements

Harmonizing to Porter, the higher the impact of the force, the more unsafe it is for the organisation. The organisation needs to happen the negative forces and change over them to positive utilizing schemes and ICT tools. All these forces can be changed, depends on the status of industry ( Hill & A ; Jones, 2007 ) .


Source Hill & A ; Jones, 2007

Porter’s defines an industry as a group of houses bring forthing and selling merchandises which are close replacements for each other. In order to accomplish an effectual scheme, it is imperative to measure the industry. This is done utilizing 10 stairss.

  1. Identify rivals
  2. Identify purchasers
  3. Identify providers
  4. Identify replacements
  5. Identify new entrants
  6. Understand the relationship between rivals and purchasers
  7. Understand the relationship between companies and providers
  8. Competition
  9. Menace of replacements
  10. Menace of new entrants

Using the 10 stairss mentioned above, we can analyse the wireless industry in New Zealand as below:

2.2 Turning Negative ICTs to Positive

ICT ( Information and Communications Technology ) takes a large portion in the house to develop in order to win in concern. More than half of entire disbursal is invested in ICT strategic planning.

Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish ICT and IT, but ICT has broader scope than IT, it defines all the communicating engineering in life. All kinds of communicating method such as broadcast medium, societal web, telecommunication and so on, are include in ICT. ( Tech term, 2010 )

To hold positive consequence, the ICT should raise up profitableness of industry. When it is good planned it besides brings cut downing of company disbursals.

ICT has an of import occupation to analyse current concern and to guarantee the end of the concern making non merely in short term but in long term.

While ICT planning, Porter’s five forces theoretical account defines market state of affairs good, besides is a good tool to measure competitory place in industry. Among the 5 forces of Porter’s, 4 forces are marked as negative forces and hereinafter suggested how ICT will turns it into positive consequence.


There are many choices on Radio station for client to take. One good thing is that it has classified into assorted genres such as dad music, authoritative music, children’s, amusement, intelligence, comedy and so on. Hence the scope of competition is narrower than all in same genre, yet there are still few choices to choose. It needs distinction to be able to hold more attractive force from the Radio’s audience. A scheme that can be adapted in amusement genre is that celebrated dad star or film star’s invitation. Their voice through Radio would pull the audience a batch besides extremely competitory comparison to other channels that is on air at the same clip.

Radio channel can do an application which can easy run in smart phone. The application is non merely including the signal of itself, but besides chat option for hearer to notice. This application will take more client trueness, as the smart phone is indispensable portion in our lives it will do it all easy to link to impart.

More participants of audience will besides do client to remain together with same wireless channel. For illustration, phone linking between audience and Radio phonograph record jockey. More participants of general people can pull more audience and it is finally competitiveness.

Dickering power of purchasers

In Radio industry every bit good as most of industries, dickering power of purchasers will consequence as negative. The purchasers are who want to publicize in Radio channels. Top high ranking advertizers ever have to happen a topographic point for their advertizement in one of the wireless channels.

As mentioned in above sector, if the wireless channel made an application it can do a positive consequence and competitory. Advertiser besides can do advertizement on the application so that people who connect to Radio through smart-phone can go through through it.

Engagement of general audience in the broadcast medium, the trade name can hold more chance to publicize. For the gift that audience to have would be the trade name and it will denote it by Disc jockey. More of people’s engagement event would do more positive consequence on this bargaining power of purchaser.

Dickering power of providers

In the Radio station, it requires Numberss of expensive equipment to air in New Zealand land-wide. The Supply power is negative to be powerful.

To do this into positive, taking non merely for dickering power of provider, wireless can air at the same time with picture. Watch through picture and listen to radio at the same clip. Screening of the whole wireless station booth can expose the equipment and system.

Menace of Substitutes

Negative consequence is made with menace of replacements. The biggest replacements would be the broadcast medium on Television. By ocular consequence, the audiences are far more attracted in Television than audio consequence of Radio. Almost every benefit that Radio offers is besides on telecasting. However the Radio has its advantage for people who drives on the route while stumbling or seniors who stays at place and bend on the Radio habitually. Particularly people who travel a batch and spend clip a batch in the auto, tend to turn on the wireless and listen to their favorite channel. It is certain that even if the telecasting is far more loved by people, it can do a difference depending on juncture. And this is why advertizer still has to look into Radio advertisement.

Coincident combined broadcast medium by picture and sound is helpful to do this sector positive every bit good. Radio is usually non exposed to listener but this juncture people can see the wireless booth that they have listened. With this, it has more powerful fight comparison to telecasting and any other replacement.

2.3 Value Chain of Radio Industry


2.3 ICTs to Connect Linkages

The Value Chain analysis would be uneffective if its sections will non hold a system to increase its value. In add-on, a company or industry that can place information communicating engineerings ( ICTs ) to associate and better each subdivision could foster smooth out internal and external operations and therefore, increase net incomes. In the fast-paced changing concern environment, we have identified below some ICTs to better the linkages of the subdivisions.

ICT 1: Connecting straight to Mobile devices companies and application developers

Connect Marketing/ Gross saless to After-sales support

As industry boundary lines are fast blurring e.g. the camera and nomadic phone industries are unifying, autos are being developed to wing, etc. , the broadcast medium industry should be prepared to unify with other technological promotions as good. As such, the New Zealand Radio Broadcast industry, peculiarly the companies runing in it, should besides better and develop ways to make their mark clients.

The wireless broadcast industry could perchance do tie ups with taking engineering companies like Apple and Samsung to make constitutional applications for conveying radiowave frequences straight to ache phones. Radio companies could besides make sole affiliations with Smartphone application developers like Clear Channel Communications. This company developed an application called iHeartRadio that streamed unrecorded wireless broadcasts from different wireless Stationss to mobile devices ( Pearlson et al. , 2013 ) . By making this, the industry could widen their range of mark clients who prefer to utilize their nomadic devices. Thereby, companies would be besides convinced to publicize through unrecorded wireless cyclosis in nomadic devices.

ICT 2: Connecting straight to Telecommunications companies ( Telcos )

Connect Marketing/ Gross saless to After-sales support

In add-on to the old ICT, wireless companies could besides use engineerings that could free-up its dependence on radiowave signals. In short, radio broadcast industry should besides look at nomadic phone signals if it would be able to convey unrecorded wireless through it. Signing up sole contracts or partnering with Telecommunications companies like Vodafone, Telecom, etc. could better its market range and as such, advertising/ gross revenues could pick up every bit good.

ICT 3: Intranet database for employees and an Online Recruitment procedure

Connect Human Resource activities to all Primary and other support activities

An intranet-based information system with employee inside informations could better the value concatenation of the industry. By holding this system, HR section could to the full see the organisational construction of the company. It gives the HR a “whole and complete picture” of the company employees from top to bottom. In add-on, vacant places could besides be offered internally first to interested active employees before posting it on-line. The on-line enlisting system could basically rush up the enlisting procedure. By utilizing an on-line enlisting system, HR could easy filtrate appliers who could suit the vacant place. The company could besides publicize in on-line enlisting web sites to distribute the word about the vacant place. Therefore, it would salvage the company a batch of clip and money to enroll the right people for the occupation.

ICT 4: Online system for Radio plan agenda

Connect Outbound logistics to Marketing/ gross revenues

Marketing/ gross revenues would non be able to work good if they would non cognize the wireless plan agenda that will be aired. As such, the wireless plan agenda should be ever accessible for marketing/ gross revenues forces and to make this the outbound logistics has to update the agendas all the clip. In so making, making an online system to organize the wireless plan agenda between the two sections can increase productiveness. As such, marketing/ gross revenues forces who are out on field work could easy travel to clients and utilize the on-line wireless plan agenda on their client meetings. Better yet, companies could besides straight use the on-line wireless plan agenda to “buy” airtime in wireless broadcast medium to publicize their merchandises.

Inbound logistics – & gt ; operations – & gt ; Outbound logistics – & gt ; mktg/sales – & gt ; After-sales support phase

ICT 5: System to capture audience information

Connect Inbound logistics to After-sales support

Knowing your mark audience is an of import portion in the wireless broadcast medium industry. As such, back uping the linkage between Inbound logistics and After-sales support should be cyclical and must be supported with an ICT. Making a engineering that could capture the audience information much like market studies do will be critical in order for the company to develop the information that the wireless company will utilize for its scheduling. For illustration, an online or computing machine system could be developed to acquire the hearer information such that future programming agendas of wireless companies could depend on those information to capture more of the listener’s wants/ demands.


Industry boundary lines are film overing in this new millenary and companies should exert full cautiousness and mentality in the hereafter. We have seen that the effects of engineering in concern today and as such, it is critical for the companies to accommodate and alter consequently. By accommodating different ICT schemes, the New Zealand Radio Broadcast industry and peculiarly the wireless companies in it, could stay in concern good into the hereafter. Using the appropriate ICT and implementing it in a well-developed program can support against the other forces in the Porter’s Five forces analysis.

As such, direction should foremost analyse the whole wireless broadcast industry to place the forces that is disputing it. Afterwards, implementing concrete and logical actions i.e. ICTs schemes should contradict and alter the negative forces into positives that may ensue in favour of the company. In add-on, the ICTs that the company/ industry should implement should be in conformity with the overall concern scheme. An ICT program would be uneffective if it will non be supported by top direction specially if it requires a long period of clip to implement and needs immense budgeting. The ICT should be planned extensively and should truly bring forth the coveted results that are needed to better the company. In add-on, the ICT should non merely associate the factors in the value concatenation but better and make a sustainable growing in it. Otherwise, inappropriate ICT could merely ensue to negative effects i.e. wasted money/investment and clip.

Directors should be besides aware that these ICTs are “changes” that can impact both internal and external stakeholders. The ICTs should implement organisational alteration schemes like Lewin’s Calm Water Metaphor ( Unfreeze, Change & A ; Refreeze ) to implement the ICTs and do the stakeholders more receptive to the alteration. With this, wireless companies and the whole New Zealand Radio broadcast industry itself could farther be successfully into the hereafter.

4.0 Mentions

Hill, C.W. , & A ; Jones, G.R. ( 2008 ) .Strategic direction: An incorporate attack. Boston, 8: Houghton Mifflin.

Pearlson, K.E. & A ; Saunders, C.S. ( 2013 ) .Pull offing & A ; utilizing information systems: a strategic attack ( 5Thursdayed. ) .New York, NY: John Wiley & A ; Sons.

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TechTerms. ( 2010, January 4 ) . ICT ( Information and Communication Technologies ) Definition. Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //



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