Information systems for company management (ISFM) are a key factor in enterprise development. it is continue evolution from just a work tool to a competitiveand strategy element with generating new business models based on its development.ISFM must have to be adapted the advances and recently it must be in improvement process. For that reason the companies that develop systems in research and development and innovation.Information systems incorporated in companies since the appeared of the first computer. Due to the systems evolution in each specific area and of course due to the technology availability over time. The first application of information systems in companies were made on 1960’s in the accountant management area. Accounting defined by laws and a rule that every company must follow. This is the reason why that the design and implementation of a software for accounting management is easier compared with others areas in companies. The first information systems for company management appeared, which they were basically accounting software.Accounting software appeared the necessity of manage the administration area using formation systems. Therefore there were developed several information systems for that purpose which could manage invoices, paying, collecting and more.The way in which operations kept stored in the information system, if the administrative area information system were integrated with the accounting and financial system and a reductions in costs and mistakes.The functional tendencies indicate the new functionalities or areas which are going to cover the information systems for the management of companies. It is also necessary to the development of functionalities that are foreseeable to be developed in order to strengthen and to optimize their use.There are two trends to incorporate new functionalities of the systems though the information systems for the management.In contras there is the opening of the information systems for company management to integration with other specific systems which cover specific needs for the company. It is the tendency to try to include all the possible functionality, integrating the functionality that until the moment is offered by other systems inside the own information system for company management.The companies also reduce the work load and some costs from different natures and it also allows them to focus in their core business.


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