The London Olympics readyings are incorporating engineering for the intent of doing the event a success in footings of order and security. An estimation of 7 billion euros has been budgeted for the engineering sector for the intent of organizing the Olympic event ( House of Commons 2006 ) . The London Organising Committee of the Olympics Games ( LOCOG ) has projected that the information system will utilize 204 million euros. the telecommunications. 63 million euros. and the cyberspace applications. 12. 5 million euros ( House of Commons 2006 ) .

The LOCOG and the Olympic Delivery Authority ( ODA ) will supervise that resources for information systems direction are carried on efficaciously and expeditiously for the Olympics success. Technology Following the proclamation that the 2012 Olympics will take topographic point in London. the LOCOG announced the demand to capitalise on latest Information technology developments and creative activity of package and hardware that are integrated from a common database ( House of Commons 2006 ) . The IT construction in London consists of an estimation of 8000 Personal computers. 900 waiters and 1000 web and security devices which will be integrated for the map ( Jones. 2009 ) .

Furthermore. there is a planned usage for green IT systems for case virtualisation which will assist in cut downing the figure of waiters needed and in bend aid to cut down costs. Jones ( 2009 ) stipulates that London has the undertaking of fiting or even exceling the Information system in the Beijing Olympics. The undermentioned types of engineering were incorporated ; – Journalists recorded and communicated the occurrences of the event through radio engineering. and besides information systems were included in the commentators’ analysis.

In the event locales. wireless frequence engineering was used for ticket confirmation. Worlwide Television coverage and on-line picture streaming were enabled by Digital Ignition Control Systems which controlled clip slowdown between the assorted Olympic locales. Online ticket merchandising will guarantee a faster and easier success to tickets but the IS should be integrated in a manner that online ticket cozenages are prevented ( Hervey 2010 ) . The IS in London will put in surveillance systems such as the CCTV cameras that will assist place any suspected malicious behavior ( Chowdhry 2008 ) .

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The UK intelligence community is expected to efficaciously utilize engineering in information assemblage and bar of any antagonists. Purpose of information direction systems in 2012 Olympics The intent of the incorporate information systems will be to function as a foundation for the Olympic Games be aftering across all the of import functional and operational countries such as the conveyance and athletics locales. the Games work force. the imperativeness operations. and the witness services ( House of Commons 2006 ) .

IT system is to associate all the locales which will be used for Olympics in the UK and the Olympics Village. The locales are more than 90 and it is necessary to hold an effectual and efficient control system that will guarantee that Olympic event runs swimmingly. Transport system and athletics locales be aftering Information systems will be applied in the planning and coordination of air hoses. resistance and overland rail links. javelin birds. cabs and coachs.

The major issues to see in the planning include decrease of traffic and easiness of transit to and from the Olympic locales. and parking infinite ; and the sweetening of security in both public and private transit systems. This is based on the fact that in such a crowded event. it is expected that cutpurses and conmen will mix with the crowd. Information garnering CCTV cameras will be situated at strategic locations for surveillance as people go about their activities.

This includes surveillance in the transit installations every bit good as the games’ locales. Data will besides be gathered by the big fleet of security officers who have been disposed to anticipate the planning of the event by the Security Industry Authority ( SIA ) ( Chowdhry. W. 2008 ) . Training needs to take topographic point for all the officers to be able to utilize incorporate engineerings in sensing and bar of antagonists. IT developments let for efficient direction of information and information. and therefore ease faster and more effectual procedures of determination devising.

This saves the clip required to accommodate independent and duplicative systems. Possible barriers to knowledge direction IT engineering is considered the most efficient and effectual in direction of such a mega event that will see visitants from all over the universe visit London. However. one of the major hurdlings that face the readying is the really high costs normally associated with integrating of high tech information systems. The high IT costs have escalated the general sum required for transporting out the whole even by 10 times more ( Jones 2009 ) .

The barrier is that this budget is already excessively high yet it may non be plenty to cover with managing the increased security qui vive issues prior to and during the event. Terrorism events are on the addition and most of the developed states including the UK are mark to international terrorist act ( Hervey 2010 ) . The most important possible barrier involves the IT security where the London InfoSecurity commission frights that the Olympics information systems could be targeted by terrorists and therefore imposes a menace to the national security.

Physical security steps are put in topographic point but there are concerns that failings detected in the Olympics Information Systems may be overlooked and so turn out to be major security hurdlings. Harmonizing to Hervey ( 2010 ) terrorists have the capableness to at the same time hit both cyber systems and physical marks through a blended onslaught scheme. and hence the London security has to be really cautious when put ining and pull offing these security systems.


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