The direction map public presentation is necessary for an organisation to develop and operation. The direction pattern is every bit old as organisations that thing agencies, so, a particular oldness that has begun at the same clip with the human communities ‘ societal life organisation.

One of the necessary conditions for Romania to aline the human resource direction to the demands and bing criterions on the EU market is represented by the rapid integrating of the newest tendencies in information engineering sphere.

Undoubtedly, the human resources section dedicated applications market has been dominated by applications for pay sphere. However, an widening tendency of these solutions has been registered late, transforming them from simple wages ‘computing ‘ into full human resource direction dedicated applications.

In this article the writer intends to accomplish a Web site for human resource direction in a public establishment.

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Human Resource Management represents the particular portion of the organisation general direction that deals the forces issues in an integrated, planetary, interdisciplinary and professional vision and that consists in guaranting the organisation aims fulfilment by enlisting, choice, development and proper human resources use so that to capitalise the professional and originative potency of all members.

Job analysis is the procedure that determines the undertakings, activities, competencies and specific duties of a occupation and forces type recommended for it.

Job analysis

Job description and specification

Recruitment and choice determinations

Consequences appraisal

Job appraisal: pay determination

Competences country set uping

Fig.1. Using information from occupation analysis.

Job analysis consists in:

– Occupation Description which is a list of undertakings, activities, competencies, duties, formal dealingss and working conditions of a occupation ;

– Occupation Specification that represents the list of “ human and professional demands ” necessary to the occupation employment, viz. : cognition, accomplishments, experience and personal attitudes ( accomplishments, personality features, aspirations, etc. ) .

The occupation analysis stairss are:

Measure 1: Stipulating the information usage, the informations type that must be obtained and the techniques that will be used for this intent.

Measure 2: Guaranting the needed information acquisition. They are used for this measure the undermentioned elements:

– Organization charts ;

– Procedure diagrams ;

– Occupation description ( if exist, it can be a good get downing point from which to fix an updated occupation description ) .

Measure 3: Choice of the representative places for analysis. This is necessary when there are several similar places.

Measure 4: The occupation analysis, which leads to obtaining information on activities within the occupation, working conditions and human demands necessary to execute the activities. This measure involves utilizing one or more occupation analysis techniques.

Measure 5: Confirmation of information obtained through direct treatments with the individual busying the analyzed place or with his hierarchal director. On that juncture, the permission from the occupation resident is obtained or activities description alterations are made.

Measure 6: Job descriptions and specifications developing, as a consequence of the achieved analysis.

2. Information Technology for Human Resource Management

Objects are cardinal elements of object-oriented scheduling and represent existent or abstract single entities with a chiseled function within a system. An object has an individuality, province and behavior. Everything that objects know ( province ) and can accomplish ( behavior ) is expressed by agencies of sets of belongingss ( or attributes ) and operations ( or methods ) . Therefore, an object province is given by its belongings values at a clip. Operationss are processs or maps that allow you to alter these values and implement the object behavior.

Object-oriented applications are composed of many objects that interact and communicate among themselves via messages. A message is a petition addressed to an object for put to deathing a certain operation. The message is composed of three distinguishable elements: the object individuality which the message is sent to, the name of the operation which would be executed and a list of parametric quantities necessary for the operation executing. The three piece of information are plenty for an object that receives a message to be able to execute the coveted operation. Therefore, the messages transmittal mechanism allows communicating between objects in the different contexts ( or processes ) or on different calculating systems.

Objects interfaces define their type. Objects that have the same interface belong to the same type. Since the interface is a subset of operations that defines the object behavior, it besides called externally discernible behavior.

Identify a set of objects that have common belongingss and behavior is called categorization. Class is another basic construct of the object-oriented scheduling and represents an abstraction of common elements ( belongingss and operations ) shared by many objects and depict their execution.

Objects are concrete representations of categories and the making procedure of an object based on the definition of a category is called Instantiation.

A good homo resource direction can non be ensured merely by keeping them in a database ( Fig. 2 ) .

The company nonsubjective achieving is dependent on the human resources public presentations that contain both the forces quality and the human resources good organisation in a database.

Reward and measuring


Formation and preparation system

Forces Database

Promoting and motive




Fig.2. Human resources direction.

The Cache object theoretical account adheres to the ODMG Standard from the Object Data Management Group. The basic operations for Cache Objects are based on object categories ( which are defined in the Cache Studio or straight to the Class Definition Language ( CDL ) ) and the subsequent digest of these to bring forth runtime executables. Cache supports all rules of modern object engineering for making, hive awaying, burden, and pull stringsing object cases.

Cache Server Pages ( CSP ) is a set of engineerings built in Cache that offer the accomplishment possibility and the rapid development of web applications.

Dynamic web pages ( CSP files ) contain HTML or XML, so that can be created or modified utilizing any text editor or any tool for making Web pages available on the market. Applications can be designed as if it were a series of inactive web pages. Voyaging through these pages is automatically solved by Cache .

CSP uses two methods for constructing web applications:

Making categories derived from % CSP.Page category, which generates HTML statements in response to HTTP received petitions ;

Using HTML files, which are automatically converted to CSP categories.

These two techniques can be combined to accomplish applications with maximal flexibleness and for each of them Cache Studio can be used as programming environment.

3. Design of web site for human resource direction

Cache is a web application dwelling of:

a set of web pages that define what the user really sees ;

application codification which is responsible for managing user ‘s petitions, treating the logic portion of the application and storing and recovering informations ;

informations that are stored on the waiter and include comparatively inactive information.

Cache allows the categories definition in two ways:

utilizing Cache Studio tool ;

utilizing the Class Definition Language ( CDL ) .

For application on human resources direction, Cache Studio tool was used. This is a standard Windows application that uses a figure of Windowss to expose and enable different facets redacting. The chief constituents of the Cache Studio user interface are:

the categories / modus operandis / CSP files editor ;

Project position that displays the content of the current undertaking tree construction ;

Class inspector ;

Message window.

Fig.3. Human resource direction application categories.

The application includes nine categories: Angajat, AngajareSalariat, Departament, PregA?tire, IstoricSalariu, ReA?inere, ReA?ineriSalariat, Prima and PrimeSalariat.

Angajat category contains five belongingss: Mark, Name, Phone, Address, Date of Birth and two indexes related to the two belongingss, called MarkIndex and NameIndex.

Property name

Data type


% Library.Integer [ Required ]


% Library.String [ Required ]


% Library.String [ Required ]


% Library.Date ( FORMAT=4 ) [ Required ]


% Library.String [ Required ]

After depicting the nine categories, information shall be filled in the database, the easiest method of adding informations in a database being the usage of a web signifier.

The application contains nine information input signifiers, one corresponding to each category, viz. : FormularAngajat, FormularAngajareSalariat, FormularDepartament, FormularPregatire, FormularIstoricSalariu, FormularRetinere, FormularRetineriSalariat, FormularPrima and FormularPrimeSalariat.

Fig.3. Employee input signifier.

To see the information from the application categories, the following CSP files were created: AfisareAngajati.csp for exposing the CAS Prahova employees and their personal informations, DepartamentAngajati.csp for exposing employees distributed by sections, PregatireAngajati.csp for exposing professional preparation of employees, SalariuIncadrareAngajati.csp for exposing employees ‘ wage, PrimeAngajati.csp for demoing rises granted to employees and RetineAngajati.csp to demo employee related tax write-offs.

For illustration, the writer has chosen AfisareAngajati.csp web page, the other show pages being created likewise.

The page AfisareAngajati.csp has been created in Macromedia Dreamweaver to expose the information stored in the Angajat category. This page was customized by puting the rubric “ Prahova County CAS Employees ” at the top of the page that was formatted utilizing the Properties box. On this page a tabular array has been inserted to form the list of employees every bit good.

Fig.4. AfisareAngajati.csp page.

A CSP file that contains two frames has been created for executing a hunt in the application. In the web application for human resources direction the undermentioned hunts were made: hunt of employees ‘ professional preparation by grade, hunt of employee by section codification, hunt of employment pay by grade, hunt of employee ‘s tax write-off by tax write-offs codifications and hunt of employees ‘ fillip by fillip codification.

The undermentioned csp files have been created for seeking the employees ‘ preparation by grade: AfisarePregatire.csp that shows the preparation of the Prahova CAS employees ‘ , CautareAngajat.csp that enables choice of the grade on which the preparation is shown and Cautare2.csp that brings together the two old pages.

Cautare2.csp page contains in the two frames that are displayed in dynamic lines ( TopFrame and Mainframe ) the information from pages CautareAngajati.csp and AfisareAngajati.csp.

Fig.5. Cautare2.csp Page.

In the CautareAngajati.csp page was added a signifier that contains a button called Cautare and a list of values ( called “ choice ” ) which was used to take the choice standards. After enabling the Search button, in the Mainframe the AfisarePregatire.csp page is shown. The “ choice ” list values are generated by the MarcaAngajat question defined in Employee category. Each list point has a value represented by object ID and a text represented by Marca belongings. Further, a codification fragment of the CautareAngajati.csp page is presented:

AfisarePregatire.csp page contains a tabular array with two rows and five columns that shows informations on employees of CAS Prahova sorted by marc belongings utilizing the Listaangajati & lt ; csp: question & gt ; tag that contains the consequence of Angajati question executing defined in Angajati category. For illustration, a fragment from the AfisareAngajati.csp page codification it is presented:

AfisarePregatire.csp page that is loaded when the Cauta button from the CautareAngajati.csp page signifier is enabled contains a dynamic question defined in SQL utilizing the & lt ; book & gt ; particular ticket and the object % petition.

For exposing the employee professional preparation, a tabular array with two rows and four columns has been build, including dynamic query consequences. Next, a snipping from the AfisareAngajati.csp page codification is presented:

Human Resource Management web application consists of 40 CSP files that can be used: to add elements in the application, to expose personal information of employees, their professional preparation, sections they are working in, employment wage, fillips and tax write-offs applied and to seek the preparation or employment pay by grade employees ‘ , the related employees upon the section codification and, besides, the fillips and tax write-offs applied with employees upon fillips or tax write-offs codification.

4. Decisions

In this article the writer aims to handle the human resource direction issue in a public establishment.

Human resources direction system, created utilizing the postrelational Cache database direction system ( DBMS ) allows real-time update and question information about these activities, achieves informations direction, employees ‘ direction in the organisational construction, monitoring and measuring the effectivity of employee public presentation.

The application has the undermentioned advantages:

provide easy entree to net pages, being compatible with all major Web waiters ;

addition public presentation and efficiency go forthing logic processing to the powerful Cache Date waiters ;

design rapidly web applications, their constituents being reclaimable so that developers can work with familiar tools ;

promote collaborative web design ;

achieve operations in the browser through feedback from the database without waiting for the page to be loaded.


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