As you all know there are different blood types. Here you can see a table of the varieties Of blood types. People with type A can give to all type A. Same for B, O and ABA. O- can give blood to anyone. So for example: if I am O- and you are B- I can give you blood. If I am O- and you are A+ I can give you blood. If I am O- and you are ABA+ I can give you blood. Speaking of ABA+, people who have ABA+ type can receive from anyone. For example: If I am ABA+ and you are A- you can give me blood. If am ABA+ and you are 0+ you can give me blood. If am ABA+ and you are 8+ you can give me blood.

How wonderful!! BUT!!! Not anyone is able to give blood. Rules and regulation for blood donation differ from one country to another. All the rules that I am going to say are according to the ministry of health in Lebanon. First you have to be between 18 and 65 years old. For men you have to weight more than 60 keg (and yes am more that 60 keg… 61) and for women 50 keg. Women cannot donate while being pregnant. You can donate after 3 months of the previous donation. You can donate 1 year after having a tattoo or a piercing. You cannot donate if you have Stud’s.

For example AIDS or Hepatitis B. You cannot donate if you already had a blood transfusion. Those are the most common cases. But there are many more. Now that we have seen bayou are eligible to donate, lets see the importance of blood donation on your body. First of all while donating blood you get a free health screening, because a small sample will be taken and analyzed, and if you have any problems or disease the hospital will call you and let you know. Theses why some homosexual go donate blood to check if they have SST Ads. It is very unethical but it’s legal.

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Moreover, giving blood reduces the risk of heart disease. According to Harvard research, 88% of blood donors are less likely to suffer a heart attack. This is due to the iron in your body. Iron is very good, but an excess of it can deteriorate the arteries. While having a blood donation, you are giving up 200 to 250 MGM of iron. Plus if you want to keep in shape and you think that you gain a bit Of weight, go donate blood. You are removing 450-480 g of blood. So that is h a keg in one day! And finally donate for your own satisfaction. You will proud of your self and it will make you feel pappy.



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