The Informs mission statement is “to achieve our objectives in an environment of fairness, honesty, and courtesy towards our clients, employees, vendors and society at large” (Informs: A company par excellence). The company began in India, a developing country in 1981 as Informs Technologies providing IT solutions for their clients, however it has grown exponentially by offering other services in a global market with offices all around the world.

The companies vision has been “to be a globally respected corporation that provides best of breed business solutions, leveraging technology, delivered by best in class people” (Informs: A company par excellence). Informs Consultancies (ICC) is a subsidiary of Informs Technologies, with its inception in 2004, Icily has evolved under its parent company to become extremely successful. Informs Technologies intentions have been to become a well recognized company within the information technology and consulting industry “the team aspired to be ranked alongside IBM and Accentuate” (Caper, Bargeman 2006).

Today with its rapid growth, some of Informs Technologies competitors include, Accentuate, Dolomite Consulting, MM, Wiper, HP, Computer Sciences Corporation and many more (Fernando, 2010). One of the factors that led to Informs Technologies success, is their ability to recognize the importance of completing a project for a client, with a quick turnaround which would also be cost effective. This put forward the idea of creating the Global Business Model which is a business model that is now what differentiates them from their competitors.

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The Global Delivery Model distributes the project to different locations such as onsite with the client, marathoners, or offshore which would reduce the cost of a project by 30%, with a quick turn around as with the teams been offshore as well it would enable a 24 hour work cycle. Page 1 of 5 Following its evident success ICC applied the Global Delivery Model and integrated business consulting and technology implementation to their business strategy and recognized the difference it made in regards to cost and time efficiency, for both the client and the company itself.

This was called the “1-1-3 model” and it offered customers one Icily resource onsite, one Informs Technologies resource onsite and three Informs Technologies resources in offshore centers which include India, China, Australia, Mauritius, and Czech Republic (Caper, Bargeman 2006). Steve Pratt the CEO and Managing Director of Icily described, “Wave been the pioneers in creating the model of the future. Everyone is scrambling to get to our model, so the race is whether we can scale our model fast enough” (Caper, Bargeman 2006).

To help differentiate Icily from its other established competitors, the firm was able to charge a much lower hourly rate of $100 compared to its other competitors such as IBM and Accentuate who’s hourly rate were between $175 to $200. This strategy along with creating a great company structure that included experienced employees, and targeting the existing client base of Informs technologies, which they had a established relationship with, to offer their consulting services and for a straight re- buy which showed rapid growth for the company. Caper, Bargeman 2006) To remain a successful company it is important to ensure customers are content wit the service provided to them. In order for Icily to measure customer satisfaction, they requested feedback from their clients following the completion of a project with ICC, to ensure they have met or even exceeded their customers expectations and use HTH strategy as a means of improving their services, and the results from one hundred linens as of 2006 showed an average of 130 rating out of 200 with 100 being an indication of a satisfied customer.

The employees are also rewarded with bonuses depending on the value they have provided to their customers, based on the ratings given by them following the project. (Caper, Bargeman 2006) One of the many factors that has generated success for Informs, is their employee and client centric approach within their company. By rewarding their employees, providing training and nurturing their skills to ensure they are the best in their role. Providing an environment that is supportive, nourishing and rewarding will make employees perform well and want to excel at their role.

Page 2 of 5 By Icily implementing the Global Delivery Model, to their business it meant a 24 hour work cycle. To prevent the employees from feeling over worked and tired, Icily created a staffing system, that enabled the employees to cross out the times on their calendars, that they will not be able to attend work. Another great method used was a database that allowed employees to type in their skills, and a project manager was able to locate someone that matched the skills required for a project, however the employees had the option to opt out, or even request for a specific project they were interested in (Caper, Bargeman 2006).

Over the years Informs has won several awards for being one of Indian’s best companies to work for and were recognized by Fortune Magazine as one of the top companies that have managed to “inspire, nurture and empower a new generation of global leaders”. (The Informs approach to innovation) Another reason that has shown Informs to be a preferred vendor among companies globally, is due to their strong working relationship, commitment and determination o provide excellent service with the intention of finding solutions and achieving great results for their clients.

Marinara Murphy the Co-founder of Informs Technologies believes that the “Concept of a brand must begin and end with being a source of trust and comfort” (The Informs approach to innovation). Maintaining a strong business relationship based on trust and reliability between the client, and Informs means customers would approach them with future projects, knowing that they will deliver the required service and expertise.

This was evident with INVALID, being a long time customer of Informs Technologies for heir IT services and later using Informs for Consulting instead of looking elsewhere as they were aware of the value they would receive from Informs. The CIO and global services leader of INVALID, George Steeling explained that “the rationale to hire Icily for a strategy engagement rather than first hold a competitive bidding process open to other consulting firms was because of the client relationship that Informs Technologies had established with INVALID” (Caper, Bargeman 2006).

Informs Technologies along with its subsidiaries, have used segmentation as a tool to identify their target markets, which enables them to focus on improving their reduces, services and to develop their companies strategy. Informs have macro- segmented their target market geographically currently in various locations across the globe in Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Americas within over one hundred cities and being a business to business Page 3 of 5 enterprise, they have Micro-segmented their customers based on different Industries which enables them to adapt their products and services to serve and match the customers needs. The Informs approach to innovation) Since its inception in 1981 as purely an IT company, Informs has evolved to expanding their brand and its service offerings. Currently the company’s services include business consulting, custom software development, maintenance and re-engineering services, system Integration, IT infrastructure management, business process outsourcing and they will continue to grow as a successful global enterprise.

The company strategy and business model of Informs has proven to be a success factor as seen over the years. Informs success is also a reflection of the companies determination, work ethic, and maintaining a strong relationship by creating a customer value proposition with their customers globally, providing a service that is sat, cost efficient, and providing solutions for the customers to help enhance and grow their business.


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