English Assignment Journeys can come In a range of different ways and different appearances. A Journey can come In three forms: physical, Imaginative and Inner. The texts ‘looking for Librarian’ and my chosen text ‘Million dollar Baby’ highlight the inner form of journey. Inner Journeys involve change, fulfillment, conflict, challenges and understanding; these aspects of inner Journeys are what determine my chosen texts.

The main techniques in inner Journeys are crucial to understanding these texts and the concepts of Inner Journeys. Thus, my text million dollar baby demonstrate these incepts throughout the film, whilst looking for Allahabad also demonstrates some of these Ideas also. My mall text of million dollar baby Is strongly based around the inner journeys of the two main characters named Maggie Fitzgerald and Frankie Dunn, whom is acted by Clint Eastward who directed and composed the film.

Maggie Fitzgerald is a wannabe boxer who starts training at Frankie Duns gym, Frankie eventually reluctantly decides to train her. She has a successful career and is undefeated which leads her to the opportunity to fight for the title for the female diddle-weight championship of the world. She unfortunately cannot finish the bout and Is paralyses for life after being hit illegally and breaks her neck.

She Is bed ridden for life and desperately wishes to die, after long consideration Frankie fulfils her wish and kills her humanely. Many ideas are presented with this film regarding the concepts of journeys, such as a journey can strengthen and bring people together, a journey can reveal a person’s true virtues and quality, a Journey can bring an immense amount of change and a Journey can lead to positive or negative

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Miss-en-scene, the use of dietetic and non-delegate sound and the use of various camera angles. The lighting in million dollar baby is mainly a dark, dreary scene; this is used for the tone of the film of the characters on their harsh inner journeys and to put the profession of boxing in an UN-agglomerated light. The use of Miss-en-scene in Million Dollar Baby is plentiful in shadows and darkness, this is used to symbolism the terrible Individual demons the main characters have to face on their Journeys.

The use of Non-deluged sound In this film Is the narration by Scrap, the narration Is used o give the film direction and structure, the non-dietetic sound is also used to create tension, immerse the audience and create a sense of connection with the characters and the audience. There are various camera angles used for various purposes. Establishing shots are used for setting a scene or location, for example seeing Frankie Dun’s gym for the first time or seeing the first boxing ring arena.

Also with the use of over the shoulder or point of view shots when fighting to have the audience to experience what the character Is seeing and feeling. These techniques help respond o understand these ideas by communicating and build the story, convey the character through different forms, tells the plot without excessive dialogue, helps convey the story to the audience in a 4-dimensional aspect The Other text, looking for Librarian, was composed by author Melinda Merchant and is based on the theme inner Journeys.

Josephine Librarian is a girl going through her HAS year who is “stuck her society and she has her two main role models of her mother and NOAA for stability. She meets her estranged father and after much conflict, befriends him and lids a relationship with him. She acquires an Australian boyfriend who has a major impact on her life. Josephine long-time friend who is featured throughout the novel commits suicide near the end of the year; she is shattered but ultimately finishes her HAS and becomes a stronger person.

Josephine suffers great conflict and challenges, her HAS year and her identity problems leave her in a stressed mental state, she states she could “write a book on problems” . The main ideas in looking for Albanian are similar or the same to Million dollar baby, such as; a Journey can bring personal Roth, a Journey can result in change of circumstances and attitude and a Journey can entail Journey can be unpredictable and unexpected. The main techniques for looking for Librarian are; the highly descriptive language and the writing of the novel in first person form.

By using highly descriptive language, we not only are able to imagine what the character is seeing, we are able to understand what the persona thinks and feels. By writing the novel in first person form, we are able to gain insight with Josephine thoughts, views and feelings. This is achieved by highly descriptive engage. These techniques help to demonstrate the ideas I have portrayed considering he relation between the two main techniques and the ideas.

The story being told by the persona in first person form helps us to better understand her feelings of personal growth, and her changes in attitudes. The combination of the story being told in a diary entry linear style made the idea of UN-expectancy and unpredictability of the story easier to follow. Thus, the ideas coincide and relate to the ideas I have presented. Inner Journeys, as Vive said, can come in many forms and an be extremely unpredictable. This is what I have learnt the most through my study of inner Journeys.

Inner Journeys are a necessity and are unavoidable; we need inner journey to grow as an individual and to adapt. I have also learnt that we need other people to help in our inner Journeys, whether they are family members, friends or even your peers. With the right support group, we can accomplish whatever we desire. The unpredictability of inner Journeys are what make them exciting and what makes them difficult but rewarding to accomplish. Thank you for listening, By Jack Barney


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