“Innocent drinks” is company that selling celebrated drinks in The United Kingdom which started by 3 Cambridge pupils in 1999. This is a drink that makes with 100 per centum pure and natural fruit juice. Smoothies are the primary merchandise of “Innocent drinks” and people are cognizant of it due to its healthy image. The company provides different merchandise scope and the distribution of channels covered most of the supermarkets. java stores and etc. For every twelvemonth “Innocent drinks” will donate 10 per centum of their net incomes to charity and this called The Innocent Foundation. This foundation has helped a batch of people. This study will analyze the procedure of “Innocent drinks” from 1999 to 2013.

1. Organization Structure

There are many types of organisation construction. for illustration. hierarchal construction. matrix construction and etc. For different construction. it has different consequence. direction and aim. “Innocent drinks” was a little concern in really competitory markets which is fit to entrepreneurial construction. The advantages of this construction are that the nucleus squad can do determinations rapidly and for the members they can give some thoughts to the nucleus squad and work out the job that they are confronting. “Innocent drinks” started from entrepreneurial construction and turned to hierarchal construction after few old ages. The ground of “Innocent drinks” turned into another construction is because they can non fulfill their demands.

They want to do themselves to be more celebrated and to gain more net income. “Innocent drinks” thinks that hierarchal construction has a good graduated table that can divide into different sections to accomplish specialisation. This can allow the employees know what topographic point they are making and they can exercise their abilities. For illustration. in marketing they can assist to advance the merchandise or to believe of a new design to pull the clients to purchase it. When every section do good in the manner they have to. it is easy for “Innocent drinks” to pull off and accomplish expected mark like turnover.

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Harmonizing to Finance maps of universe ( 2012 ) . “Business ownership means holding the control over concern endeavor and being able to order is working and operations. ” From the beginning of “Innocent drinks” there were created by three Cambridge pupils who are Richard Reed. Adam Balon and Jon Wright. They used 500 lbs to put up this concern with partnership. The advantages of holding a partnership are they can portion the duty and operate for the common end of doing a net income. On the other manus. partnership deficiency of finance to use so “Innocent drinks” decided to turn into private limited company in 2007 and it can divide legal individuality. which can safeguard the operation of concern and the company can debt more money from the bank it is because “Innocent drinks” can be a mortgage.

Furthermore. being a private limited company can hold the purchase price reductions and this can salvage some money for the company. Two old ages subsequently. “Innocent drinks” has sold 18 per centum of the company to Coca Cola which means that Coca Cola has the right to run “Innocent drinks” . In 2013. Coca Cola has to the full control “Innocent drinks” with 91 per centum portion. This cause that “Innocent drinks” has merely a little minority keeping. Hence. “Innocent drinks” turned into consultancy concern which can merely supply thoughts and services.


Investopedia ( 2013 ) point out that “Growth is an addition in the capacity of an economic system to bring forth goods and services. compared from one period of clip to another. ” Since the market alteration quickly “Innocent drinks” has to make new type of merchandise to provide the demands of the clients. From the beginning. “Innocent drinks” has merely 3 formulas to about 30 more over the old ages. The juice ranges of “Innocent drinks” started from the original gustatory sensation and evolve to assorted gustatory sensation. The merchandise ranges is different. including child. smoothy and thickies. For illustration. pull the leg of drinks are specially made to supply all the basically vitamins to prolong their growing. In this merchandise. “Innocent drinks” has made a different design and size to provide the demands kids.

2. Reason of growing

There are few grounds why “Innocent drinks” can be grown quickly. First. advertisement. “Innocent drinks” has different advertizement on the telecasting and for each advertizement it will stand for their chief merchandise and shows that “Innocent drinks” ne’er sweetened and ne’er concentrated. The usage of the advertizement is to construct up a healthy image of “Innocent drinks” so that the clients will get down sing to buy this merchandise.

Second. PJ’s smoothies is the chief challenger of “Innocent drinks” . PJ’s smoothies has changed the image and increased monetary value because it wants to be a premier trade name. While PJ’s smoothies increased its monetary value. it lost some loyal clients at the same clip. “Innocent drinks” might be cheaper than PJ’s smoothies. hence. this cause more clients to take “Innocent drinks” . Finance is another factor that enhances the growing of “Innocent drinks” . In 2004. the one-year net income is 968000 lbs and it increases to 3066000 lbs in 2005.

3. Business scheme

Business scheme is a concern program that takes topographic point long-run in order to assist accomplish a specific end or nonsubjective. Christina C ( N. D. ) The company analyzes the external and internal concern environment before doing an accurate determination. SWOT and PESTLE are the be aftering methods to measure the company. Strengths – “Innocent drinks” merchandises are extremely competitory because it made with 100 per centum pure fruit juice and high quality and low monetary value these are the advantages over the challengers. Failings – distribution channels are little and weak trade name repute comparison to other drink companies. Opportunity – “Innocent Drinks” serve the outlook of bring forthing 100 % fruit drinks and alter the consumer gustatory sensations because the new merchandises can pull their attending. Furthermore. the company expands the market including mark elderly. This is a alone country that preferred than other rivals.

Menaces – conditions. the conditions might impact the quality of the fruits and the conveyance and “Innocent drinks” has many challenger. for illustration. PJ’s smoothies. Pepsi and Tropicana. Political – The authorities is really concerned about wellness and safety. “Innocent drinks” has to name out the ingredient on the merchandise because it has to protect the consumer. Economic – Since rising prices and the addition rate of unemployment will impact the assurance of consumers. Therefore. they tend to purchase a cheaper trade name alternatively of ‘Innocent Drinks’ . Furthermore. the economic status besides influences the company. For illustration. the high costs of buying ingredients and the revenue enhancement. Social – instruction. nowadays people are more concerned about their wellness therefore they will take to purchase a drink that is healthy for them. for illustration. 100 percent pure fruit juice and without any sugar. For population. “Innocent drinks” has non merely targeted the grownups and childs but besides the ageds.

Furthermore. “Innocent drinks” will beef up their trade name through the advertizement. set up the healthy image in the society. Technological – affect the production degree of “Innocent drinks” because of the advanced engineering. It leads to bring forthing the juice efficiency and cut down the productive norm costs by economic systems of graduated table. Furthermore. the progress of engineering can better the communicating flow which is good of doing accurate determination. Furthermore. the usage of engineering is helpful for ‘Innocent Drinks’ to recycle the bottles. Legal – lower limit pay. for the company of “Innocent drinks” they have to subscribe a contract with every worker to protect their wage. Environmental – the tendency of the universe. The Earth is confronting planetary heating which makes “Innocent drinks” decided to recycle the plastic bottles to salvage the universe


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