Now a day, innovation and change is very important for organizations. Innovation and change are applied in many companies in the world. Innovation is a successful implementation of creative ideas in organization to improve products and services. Change is a difference in the form, quality or condition of an organization over time (Williams & McWilliams 2010). The purpose of this essay is to explain us the compare (differences) and contrast (similarities) between innovation and change. This is also including to identify something has changed in our campus or university in this semester and example of innovation and change.

The differences are between innovation and change. There is a growing understanding that innovation is a structured practice and process that precedes change. Whereas change is the end resulted, the product of innovation (D’Marco n. d). Innovation is the successful of applying the creative ideas on the organization in order to make the organization more progress and effective (Williams ; McWilliams 2010), while change is a function that promotes change and the opposing forces that slow or resist change (Williams ; McWilliams 2010).

Thus, one of the difference of innovation and change is, innovation put a new creativity or ideas in its application business, while change modifying the method in business. However, they are also having different characteristic. Basically, there are three main types of innovation in the company which are process of innovation, product innovation and market innovation. Firstly is process innovation is important in way to offer the essence products. Secondly are product innovation reserves a good way to produce profits. Every product must be improved to make a good benefit market.

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Thirdly is market innovation should be improved by the mix target markets and also depends on goods of the markets. Whereas change has two main types in the company there are planned change and unplanned change. First, planned change is a type of change when a company needs to prepare all of the things needed to range their goals before taking action. The positive point of planned change is that we do not have to worried too much for what is going on, because besides we make a plan, we also have to think about how to be ready for any possibility that can occur when our plan is going in a bad situation.

So, will not make our customers disappointed and take a long time to wait. Secondly, unplanned change is a type of change that does not need any preparation before taking an action. The action is happen in a sudden and it does not have a good arrangement, so if there is a bad case happens, the entire person in the company can take their own action directly without making a good conversation plan with other members. However, innovation and change also have the similarities. Each of change and innovation in a company can bring to a positive or a negative result and also becomes profitable or less profitable.

Therefore, the company must confidently reflect about their judgment. There are many explanations why companies want to make changes and innovation in their business. First, the main purpose is because they want to improve productivity and become more advanced than before, thus all company must make changes and innovation in their production. Second, they want to be different from other companies (different product), so the manager need consider finding of a new plan in order to make their company better than the other competitors.

For example, product is modification. So, the consumer might think their product is unique and different so it can lead to better profit. The innovation and changes must be completed in order for company to face dynamic and continuously changing environment (Alam ; Nandan 2010). Innovation and change have the same goal and also must be communicated, this is because like if the employee knowing the innovation or change they also can argue or give the feedback to correct the decision.

Internal communication and management framework is two important aspects for innovation and change (Linke ; Zerfass 2011). The example of innovation and change in our university is when they had change in the system of study. They must think about how to become better than any other university. Our University’s computer lab and some of the class room had installed new ‘Smart Board’. This is one the example of innovation can be found in the college. During the old days, the lecturers normally used OHP projector to teach.

Compare to LCD projector, OHP was without computer and it can be used itself with the transparency slides. Due to the computer price getting cheaper and people starting to had their personal laptop, the used of power point presentation become more and more popular. Over the time, LCD projector had took over the OHP projector, the lecturers have to transfer the teaching material from the transparency into power point presentation and start using computer to present their teaching material. Then, the universities had installed the smart board in the computer lab and most of the classroom.

Smart Board are the more advanced version of LCD projector, with the new function of touch input from a finger, pen or other solid object. Each contact of the Smart board interactive whiteboard is interpreted as a left-click from the mouse. This is certainly a technology innovation, when the LCD projector reaches the top of the S shape curve, technology discontinuity happens and new technology the Smart Board was introduced. All this will help the lecturer to carry out the lecture in a more interactive way and the students will feel more interesting in the class.

In conclusion, the difference between innovation and change is that innovation is more to create a new system or method in the company whereas change is modifying the system that has existed in the company. However, the similarities between innovation and change result are has uncertainty result. Every company and firms need innovation and changes it is because from there they can get a lot of experiences so they can grow and every change can help them to achieve their company goals.


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