NIKE, the world’s largest Sports brand company, it has been leading brand in China Sports Market. We saw poster through show Nike market expansion and product innovation. It shows Nike development in china. also show it new technology and future in china. At the same time, poster also reflects to NIKE hard work from 1996 to 2012 in china road, from sport shoes to digital sport product. This progress is the product of hard work and ingenuity across Nike staff of individual lives. Everyone through innovation effort is push to a higher level of production.

However, achieve success in china, but still faces arduous tasks and various difficulties. Because this market completely different from earlier one, there is more challenge. Changes in the market are, of course, highly un predictable, Pursue breakthroughs in Nike development is very important in the NIKE, We through pictures saw Nike is very well, be regarded as management guru Tom Peters sonorous words: “do what you do best, outsource the rest”( December 18, 2007) Is they motto. Moreover, the global market also reflected a few problems in NIKE Company.

First, we think new technology has also brought new and complicated problems to the customer, though it gives customer more advanced techniques and scientific knowledge, but more people like simplifying and outstanding, easy operation product. Some too advanced technological products, as is so disgusted with the used, we saw poster, 020. some product make very high technology, not only use complexity, but also expensive, does not conform most people need, , especially of Chinese. Second, we saw NIKE market share have dropped 2011 in China.

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More and more competitor are get into this market. Some brand plays catcher in this team, NIKE needs more marketing Methods, NIKE need a flexible strategy to meet the changing market condition. Third, I think NIKE need product classification, because China a vast market and enjoys enormous growth potential, but difference region difference market, differences in consumption level and preference of different social classes, so product of chain management is the reflection of enterprises technological and managerial innovation.

We saw the poster reflecting these problems in the NIKE. But NIKE is a large enterprise and operated in China for many years, they can use innovation change this market hold this business opportunity. We also believe NIKE can do better in tomorrow.


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