Insurance companies spend a lot of money each year on discovering how we drive on British roads. The number of accidents are recorded but more than this every detail is recorded about who was driving, the driving conditions, information about the car and almost every bit of data that can be recorded is. So how does this affect you as a young driver?One consistent statistic is that young drivers are much more likely to be involved in a road traffic accident, specifically male drivers under 25 driving at night. A worrying statistic is that 1 in 5 new drivers will have an accident before they have spent 6 months driving.As a young driver this means that you are going to be charged a premium for your car insurance. This means that it will cost you more to get insured to drive if you are under 25, this is especially so for new drivers as they will not have accrued and no claims bonus which significantly reduces the cost of your premiums.As a result of the high cost of car insurance in the UK many under 25’s decide to put off getting a car or at least getting a standard annual premium and instead turn to daily car insurance. This is a way for drivers to insure themselves to drive on a short term basis, typically between 1 and 28 days.A typical daily policy is useful for enjoying a weekend out, maybe a drive down to the coast without having to worry about paying out for a whole years worth of insurance. You can insure yourself to drive your own car or get insured to drive a car that you have borrowed such as a friend or relatives vehicle.So we now know that we can get covered to drive for the short term but how easy is it to get cover if you are a young driver typically under 25. Apparently we become more sensible and cautious in our driving once we hit 25 as you brain matures at this age. Unfortunately until then you are going to get penalised by all insurance companies but there are some companies that are more willing to insure younger drivers with a daily policy than others.The main reason for this is the insurance underwriters that they use. Every policy is underwritten by the underwriters, this is the insurance companies guarantee if you will. Unfortunately some underwriters are not will to take the risk with short term cover for young adults.Article Source:


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