Wait state
Issued by a slow device that is not ready
Data bus
The system of pathways used for communication which carry data
A set of rules and standards used for communication
When one physical machine hosts multiple activities that are normally done on multiple machines
CMOS battery
A component that provides a small trickle of electricity that enables CMOS RAM to hold configuration data
System clock
A device dedicated to timing the activities on the motherboard
Front Side Bus
Connects to the North Bridge
A set of components on the motherboard that work closely with the processor to control the memory, buses, and peripherals
Two small posts or metal pins on the motherboard that are either open or closed
Riser card
Installs in a PCI slot and provides another slot at a right angle
An error checking technology used by DIMMs
A Rambus memory module
Dual ranked
Double-sided DIMMs that provide more than one bank
An error checking technology used by SIMMs
A technology that allows a processor to handle more than one group of instructions
RAS Latency
The number of clock cycles it takes to write or read a row of data
A task or group of instructions executed by the CPU
A placeholder module used in Rambus memory configurations
Memory chips installed on one side of the module
The factor used to determine clock speed between the processor and FSB
NAND flash memory
A chip that contains grids of rows and columns with two transistors at each intersection that hold a zero or one bit
A standard for communication between a subsystem of peripheral devices and the system bus
Terminating resistor
Used at each end of the SCSI chain
Host adapter
The gateway from the SCSI bus to the system bus
A hybrid drive technology supported by Windows 7/Vista
Uses two hard drives to hold a single Windows volume; sometimes called JBOD
Striped volume
A RAID 0 volume
A feature in startup BIOS that detects a new drive and selects the correct drive configuration
Fault tolerance
A computer’s ability to respond to a hardware failure
Mirrored volume
A storage configuration in which data is duplicated on one drive to another drive
HDMI connector
Type A 19-pin
Refresh rate
Time it takes for a monitor to build one screen
A file system used for optical discs
Contrast ratio
The relative difference between light and dark areas on a video screen
Used to cast a transparent image onto a large screen
Used to display information about hardware and diagnose problems
xD-Picture Card
Has a compact design and holds up to 8 GB of data
Used with a graphics tablet and works like a pencil
Uses a thin LED layer or film between two grids of electrodes
Another term for graphics tablet
Laser printer
A type of electrophotographic printer that can range from a small, personal desktop model to a large, network printer capable of handling and printing large volumes continuously
Inkjet printer
Uses a print head that moves across the paper creating one line with each pass
Impact printer
Creates a printed page by using some mechanism that touches or hits the paper
Windows GDI
Builds the page and then sends it to the printer
Raw data
Text data that contains no embedded control characters is sent to the printer as is, and the printer can print it without any processing
Extension magnet brush
Long-handled brush made of nylon fibers that are charged with static electricity
Bits in rows and columns
Raster line
Each row in a bitmap
Ghost images
Are usually caused by a problem with the image drum or toner cartridge
Used to align and/or clean inkjet nozzles

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