Some people think that intelligent students should be educated together with other students. In my opinion, I agree with this point. Currently, the issue of whether intelligent students should be encouraged to appraise their teachers. have been debated by people from all walks of life. Some people hold that, gifted students should help other students improve their studies while many others maintain that this program will influence on gifted students’ extra-curriaular activities. (http://www. urbandictionary. com/define. php) An otherwise smart person who acts like a complete retard for unknown reasons.

The intelligent retard usually lurks in universities wasting other people’s time by making stupid or irrelevant comments repeatedly in order to hear the sound of their own voice, sound smart, or make a retarded contribution to a conversation. They also have been known to repeat other people concise comments in a round-about twenty minute long narrative. There is no escape from the intelligent retard once they get going. Ignoring or shunning only has moderate success. Usually, you have to let their verbal diarrhea run its course. As I see it, I think intelligent students should not be educated in a low-pace of leaving.

Gifted students need a challenging curriculum as they are fast learners. And their learning process requires little repetition of the information taught. If the material is too easy, they may feel bored or even end up acquiring nothing at all, which my lead to complete loss of interest in school, more importantly, some intelligent students may feel isolated, if they spend all their class time with their ordinary peers, that is to say, they can be vey sensitive and possibly have a harder time dealing with the day-to-day street of school or growing up.

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On the other hand, it should be pointed out segregating gifted students from their average peers. May have its downside. Some educators believe that such classes would effect the average students’ physical, mental and emotional development. Smart students who naturally in different degree of blind superiority. Some performance proud complacent, just like listening to praise, do not like listening criticism; often overestimate their own strengths, achievements and his position, even higher than the others, a special psychology.

Vanity and jealousy is strong in this part of the student body behaves is more outstanding. They in the original school are the most outstanding student, when they study in experimental class also want to keep their special status, do not allow others beyond their own, when other students in some ways better than themselves or see the teacher praised the other students, will felt uncomfortable. Some students in the class to keep their examination results before the fore front, not to school, self-sealing review.

This is intelligent groups of students were more prevalent in the state of mind, as long as they believe the outstanding academic achievement, will get the teacher’s praise, envy of classmates, parental love, so often pay more attention to wisdom and light Germany, cannot actively participate in collective activities, relax own behavior of constraints of daily. unwillingness to bear with more social work. Many educators on the part of students’ education is deficient, just pay attention to student achievement, neglect of other aspects of education.

Today, students are the future of the world, the world is cross century talent in the construction of intelligent, and students groups in the most future industries. Train them to establish a correct view and outlook on life, which is great significance. So we should put the correct view on education in the first place. We organize students to visit several outstanding person achievement exhibition. Marx said:’ science must not be a egoistic enjoyment, to be able to devote themselves to scientific research, should put their knowledge at the service of humanity at the first. There is a famous ”bucket theory” in Economics, it tells us, increase a bucket capacity, the most effective way is to lengthen the shortest wood. Some countless facts have proved, many talents is very prominent, because of some shortcomings and defects affecting their development, A person’s success, not just rely on intelligence factors, more depends on the psychological quality of the non intelligent factors. Initially, it is manifest that all students are different, so the education service must also different from man to man.

In the other words, it may send message to those who take regular courses that their work is not as valued as the intelligent students’, which my lower their self-esteem and dampen the ordinary students’ enthusiasm. Intelligent students educated with other students having irreplaceable advantages. However, segregating gifted students from their average peers have their particular significance. I will come to the conclusion that. Whether gifted students should be educated together with other students should depend on their willingness.


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