Whiteness statement notes:

* Two small boys were fighting over a toy.

* I came down to there level

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* I made eye contact

* Open body language

* My tone of voice was calm and low

* I told them to not fight over the toy and to share; I also gave them a toy each so it was fair.

There was two boys fighting over a toy, I noticed this was happening so I went over and to sort it out. I firstly came down to there level so that I could make good eye contact with them, and make sure they could hear exactly what I was saying. I was using very good open body language to put over my positive energy and show them an understanding. My tone of voice was low and very calm, so I didn’t frighten the children by shouting at them. I said to them “please will you not fight over this toy and you should take turns and share it nicely”. I then offered one of the boys the same toy so they had one each.

Review effectiveness

My interaction was effective because it gave the children an understanding that you should share your toys, and that I can be fair toward them. It also made them realise I can be in charge and I’m not just a helper and they can’t get away with things if there not behaving properly.

Evaluate-more effective

I think they way that I reacted with this situation was the best way, and it worked out to be fair. It gave them an understanding of how to understand that you can share, and shouldn’t always fight over things. And that everyone should have equal opportunities.

Hannah Jackson

Second Statement

Whiteness statement notes

* Biting another pupil

* I let the teacher know

* Filled out a form

* I had to put my point across that this is not aloud

* Had to say in detail what happened

I was playing a game with three of the children in my class. Another child came over and asked to play, and another child who was playing the game turned round to her and said “no”. The other child then bit her, and it left a mark. I didn’t catch seeing the bite, but I saw the mark. I had to let the teacher know. We then at the end of the day had to tell both pf there parents and write a note.

Review effectiveness

This was effective because it meant that the children both had an understand that this shouldn’t happen, and there parents can then speak to them at home. The find it better to listen to a parent because they can be strict or comforting about this. I think that if I was in this situation again I would be able to act differently because I have already witnessed it once know so I have an idea of what will happen. It was effective what I did, and having someone else there to help me in this situation was good, because it meant that they would listen to the teacher more rather just a helper.

Evaluate-more effective

I think that I did well and that the young child understood not to do this. She apologised and then the two children also were friends which made me feel happier. The parents also knew what went on so it meant that the school couldn’t get in trouble if one of the girls mentioned to a parent about this, and they questioned the school why they didn’t get told about the incident.

Hannah Jackson

Communication in health and social care

In heath and social care communication is a vital part in everday situations when people are being assist by carers. Without people being able to communicate nothing could happen to help improve people. For patients in hospital who are trying to recover there illness, there’s so many different nurses and doctors that can help them to improve there physical state, by talking to them and given them support they can feel mentally better. The reason for this is because they can feel that someone is there for them. There are so many different types of way communications can help. Being able to talk to patients even if there not a response they feel comfortable and as though there not alone.

When assessing someone in a health and social care, speaking is vital you need to talk through what is going to happen to the patient/ service users and let them now each step what is going to happen. This then means that they can feel more relaxed. It’s also good to use communications to give advice on different illness, and talk about the fact to do with an illness. People are then aware of what’s happening and can ask questions.

There’s different ways of helping a patients, being able to keep a patient calm is a vital point and will help the patient out a lot. You need to explain to patient every point, and keep them inform of different point s what are going on. You need to adapt a good relationship with a patient and be able to comfort them this will make the patient feel a lot more relax and therefore they will feel less pressured and scared.

If you are the person in charge of patients such as a nurse, you need to act in a professional way and make sure that you don’t act unprofessional at any point. You need to speak clearly and politely to the patient and also the family of the patient, because you don’t want to give a bad impression to the family because they will feel un-comfy to leave there family member, because they might expect you to be rude at all times. Also when a patient is being treated badly and not spoken to nicely, when they recover they put a complaint in about the hospital.

If a patient is in hospital for example and they begin to feel dizzy and faint, they can get the attention of a nurse and thy can run over and be with the patient and talk through what they are going to do, they will then call in a doctor to check the patient. This will then lead on to the doctor talking to the patient about why they are feeling faint and dizzy and let them know how they can recover.

I think that without being able to communicate then there would be no way in helping people to get better because they would always feel un-comfy and not being able to relax.


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