About 1.6 billion is the expected figure of international reachings forecasted by UNWTOs Tourism 2020 Vision by the twelvemonth 2020. Among of them, 1.2 billion will be intraregional and 378 million will be long-haul travellers. It is obvious that travel between different parts tends to turn at a faster rate than intraregional travel. In 2007, interregional travel increased by 8 % as against a growing of 6 % for intraregional traffic. To mensurate outbound touristry demand, “ International touristry outgo ” is an of import index, since it is more dependable than outbound trip volumes, which are measured in different ways from one state to another. With 19.7 billion USD spent in international touristry outgo ( 2007 ) , Spain ranked 11th in the universe. This figure seems to increase yearly. However, harmonizing to Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, the figure of Spanish tourers to Vietnam for leisure intent is still low and late, the authorities with advancing activities is taking attempts at opening Spain market as our chief mark market in the close hereafter.

This selling program was developed from secondary informations collected from dependable beginnings every bit good as our experiences in touristry. While making this, we tried to make our best to do it every bit practical as possible. However, our collected information was largely in 2007 and 2008, some information is non suited to the current market tendency. To implement this selling program into the existent concern environment, it needs much clip to carry on elaborate market research in Spain to catch the modern outbound tendency. From these primary informations, this selling program is adjusted to fulfill clients ‘ outlooks every bit much as possible.

Experience: Saigontourist has 35 old ages of experience in the touristry industry, which includes a strong trade name name backed by important assets.

Service Diversification: Saigontourist expanded its services in several Fieldss Therefore, Saigontourist has a distinguishable advantage over its rivals in their ability to supply best service with sensible monetary value

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Cooperation: Saigontourist is an lone Vietnam member of RADIUS group ( an international touristry Group that consists of universe ‘s 95 stockholders ; 5,400 bureaus in 80 states ) . In add-on, Saigontourist is a member of international travel organisation like PATA, ASTA, JATA, and USTOA, which add to the company ‘s repute.

World trade organization: The touristry industry is expected to increase as a consequence of Vietnam ‘s WTO rank.

Government policy: Vietnam ‘s authorities is promoting touristry by denoting a bundle to excite the demand of its touristry industry. Ex-husband: diminish 30 % -50 % the program ticket, hotel suites ‘ monetary value and other services etc. ( “ Impressive Vietnam ” run ) .

Society: Vietnam is considered one of the safest state in Asia with stable societal, political and economic growing expected.

Popularity: The international community is really interested in Vietnam ‘s civilization, history and people.

H1N1 grippe: Due to 2009 eruption, Vietnam has to command carefully the spread of the disease in order to forestall a negative public image from distributing.

Infrastructure: Vietnam ‘s substructure does non maintain gait with the turning population and expected rush in touristry.

Social job: That beggars follow tourers in the metropolis centre every bit good as in sightseeing topographic points makes a negative feeling

Spain ranks 11th in the universe in footings of spend on international travel, but at that place has been important growing in recent old ages in outbound travel. Growth is expected to go on as more and more Spaniards have holiday wonts.Besides, Spanish long-haul travellers take advantage of really favourable Euro to VND exchange rate. The weakening of the VND could pull more involvement in this finish.

Market section:

B2C: serves single group such as household group, etc.

middle-aged ( 30-55 old ages old )

mean and high income ( & gt ; = $ 35,000 / twelvemonth )

require outstanding services while going


Our merchandise aims to function some transnational companies, such as BMW, Allianz Bank, SSL Healthcare etc. Each twelvemonth, MNCs organizes company trips at least twice a twelvemonth with the entire staff up to about 500 each. That is our possible clients.

3.5.2 Expected gross revenues and net income

Within one twelvemonth of operation, the figure of Spanish visitants to Vietnam through Saigontourist additions, including nightlong corsets, with a particular accent during the off seasons. Generate gross revenues is about $ 12,000,000 with mark net income 5 % in the first twelvemonth and it is expected to increase 10 % yearly.

3.5.3 Market incursion and coverage

Within 5 old ages, Saigontourist becomes the Vietnamese taking circuit operator in Spanish market section with 30 % of portion market.

Integrated selling services are established to show a incorporate image/brand individuality of Vietnam as a visitant finish.

3.5.4 Customer behaviour

3.6 Selling Mix:

3.6.1 Merchandise

To be more competitory in the market, this circuit was designed with two advantages: Quality and Level of client service:

Speed: We have hotline served 24/7 to reply all clients ‘ inquiries and complain

Flexibility: Tour path can be re-designed to suit each client ‘s demand on the base of “ Across Vietnam ” circuit. We undertake all rubber-necking topographic points added

Dependability: all needed info is provided to clients before they book Tourss, including warning ( if applicable )

Tour path is designed based on 5H theoretical account, that is the combination of:

Cordial reception: Tourists are warmly welcome from the first proceedingss in Vietnam by traditional music public presentation.

Honesty: Tourists have opportunity to near Vietnamese civilization from another angle which are more lively, colourful and true.

Heritage: Tour is designed with a full-day visit of Halong Bay – “ A World natural admiration ” considered by UNESCO.

History: Many historical memorials are added as the high spot of the circuit, so tourers have the full position of Vietnam History.

Heroic verse: During the circuit, tour ushers with rich experiences tell and explain narratives through historic times.

With this circuit, we try to fulfill client ‘s demands every bit much as possible by uniting going and happening out cultural characteristics, fall ining traditional activities, basking relaxed clip etc.

3.6.2 Monetary value

3.6.3 Promotion

The purpose of promotional activities is to make demand for a merchandise or service within selected mark markets. Internet Promotion

The usage of the Internet in touristry publicity has grown quickly in the last decennary. Harmonizing to CIA statistics 2007, in Spain, 19.69 million / 44 million usage Internet, ranked 16th in the universe. It is considered as the chief beginning to act upon the going determination every bit good as to be after holidaies.

Following the modern tendency, Saigontourist late launches and operates Internet site ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.saigontourist.net/english/ ) efficaciously as a practical tourer office and receives visits from up to 2,823,945 visitants ( June 14th 2009 ) . This web site is considered as a well designed and good maintained web site that is attractive, enlightening, synergistic and speedy to download. Trade Exhibitions

This signifier of promotional activity enables publicity straight to the consumer for making ‘word-of-mouth ‘ channel ( See Appendix 2 )

Saigontourist is extremely experienced in both forming and go toing touristry exhibitions at place and abroad. To react Vietnam Ministry of Tourism, Saigontourist is among the chief participants in a scope of workshops, carnivals and publicities in EU, which include Spain – the mark market.

Saigontourist besides produces a touristry booklet which are distributed at major trade and consumer carnivals, at tourer offices, in hotels, and at local attractive forces. Ad

“ Travel and Entertainment ” magazine is the publication of Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism – the taking magazine in touristry of Vietnam. It is available in Vietnam Airlines, Indochina Airline and Royal Brunei Airline. Promotion

Saigontourist normally organizes familiarisation trips for foreign spouses to Vietnam yearly. The chief aim of this promotion is to make strong relationships between Saigontourist and spouses every bit good as to turn out outstanding services offered.

3.6.4 Distribition

For the short term, to execute activities to pull tourers from Spain to Vietnam and spread out distribution systems to run into demands and service clients better, Saigontourist has partnered with touristry companies in Spain to advance Vietnam ‘s image and attract visitants to Vietnam. With this partnership, Saigontourist has been in the large metropoliss of Spain. The locations of all the points of sale provide prospective clients with entree to tourer merchandises, such as Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia etc.

For the long term, within the following 5 old ages, Saigontourist opens one representative bureau in Madrid to near clients ‘ demands easy and expeditiously.


Vietnamese touristry has performed rather good in the last decennaries and has made a strong part to the national economic system. So far, EU is considered as our traditional market. Entering Spanish market opens new development tendency for Vietnamese touristry. With wild nature and cultural diverseness, Vietnam is self-assured to be the future finish of the universe. And with packaged circuit ‘Across Vietnam ‘ , we believe that Saigontourist will get the better of other rivals to be the taking circuit operator in this market section

IV. Reference

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Day 01: HANOI ( Lunch – Dinner )

Arrive and reassign to Hotel. Half-day visit of Hanoi [ “ Cultural “ – One pillar pagoda, , the West Lake and the Quan Thanh Temple ]

Lunch in hotel, Dinner at Press Club

Day 02: HANOI ( Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner )

Arrive and reassign to Hotel

Half-day visit of Hanoi [ “ Cultural “ – Visit of Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, the Temple of Literature, Ngoc Son Temple ] – enjoy Water Puppet show [ The lone show of this sort in the whole universe, representation of ancient narratives and modern mundane life state of affairss, the whole represented with wooden marionettes on a H2O made phase, non to be missed – Duration of the show 50 proceedingss ]

Lunch at Wild Lotus, Dinner at Emperor

Day 03: HANOI – HALONG BAY ( Breakfast, Lunch & A ; Dinner )

Full-day visit of Halong Bay [ “ A World natural admiration ” – Transfer Hanoi to Halong Bay by coach, on the manner halt to see a little small town celebrated for it ‘s ceramic handcrafts, visit of Halong Bay on a typical Vietnamese debris ( the boat reminds a batch the celebrated Chinese Sampan ) . The sail on the boat is fantastic, sailing in a turquoise sea sprinkled with 1000s of jagged, limestone islands ( there are more so 3000 islands ) . Visit of natural caves with stalagmites, stalactites that draw beautiful scenography ] – Lunch: “ seafood bill of fare ” while cruising

Cave Dinner and overnight on board

Day 04: HANOI – HUE ( Breakfast, Lunch & A ; Dinner )

Half-day visit of Hanoi [ “ Temples and Pagodas ” – The visit by coach will demo you the most relevant temples and pagodas of the metropolis ( Ngoc Son, Phu Ung Temple, Quan Su Pagoda, Ba Da Pagoda ) . The visit goes on in the historical city-center ]

Lunch in a typical local eating house

In the afternoon, you are free to travel shopping or travel sightseeing by yourselves

Dinner in a typical local eating house

Day 05: HA NOI – HUE – DANANG/HOI AN ( Breakfast, Lunch & A ; Dinner )

Transportation to airport – Flight to Hue – Transportation in at hotel – Half-day visit of Hue [ “ The Citadel “ – The visit begins with the Prohibited City ( 1802-1945 ) built by the first Nguyen household Emperors following the I Chin book regulations, taking in consideration the power of the Yin ( negative ) and the Yang ( positive ) – Visit of Thien Mu pagoda, the Hue good known symbol, located on the shores of the Huong Giang river ( besides known as The Perfume River ) – visit of the Dong Ba market ]

Lunch in a typical local eating house, Dinner at hotel

Day 06: HUE – DANANG/HOI AN ( Breakfast, Lunch & A ; Dinner )

Transportation by coach to Hoi An – Half-day visit of Hoi An by ‘Cyclo ‘ – [ Visit of the Nipponese span, a Chinese pagoda, an original antediluvian house and a silk mill – Time for shopping ] – Lunch in a typical eating house – Dinner in a typical local eating house

Day 07: DANANG/HOI AN – Ho chi minh city ( Breakfast, Lunch & A ; Dinner )

Half-day visit of Danang [ Travel by bus – Visit the Cham museum, really interesting for it ‘s alone points – visit of the universe celebrated Marble mountains, embarking in a absorbing labyrinth of cave temples, hidden within five sacred marble knolls ] – Flight to Saigon – Transportation to hotel – Half-day visit of Saigon [ “ The Chinese country “ – visit ( partly by ‘Cyclo ‘ ) of the really typical Cholon market, Thien Hau Pagoda, known for it ‘s alone atmosphere and for it ‘s 1000s of incenses that keep firing the whole twenty-four hours. This pagoda is dedicated to the Celestial Lady, defender of mariners – Time for shopping in Dong Khoi Street, the voguish topographic point in the town ]

Lunch in a typical eating house – Dinner at hotel

Day 08: SAIGON – TIEN GIANG on Bassac Cruise – SAIGON ( B-L-D )

Travel in the bosom of one of the most picturesque topographic point in Vietnam, the delta of Mekong. Departures with coach and after one hr, a halt to review. You will make an seaport where you will embarck on little boats and canvas trough the small absorbing channel to make the drifting market of Cai Be. Embark on Bassac an elegant wood boat. Sailing trough the colourful and busy channel of Tien Giang. Visit of the traditional small towns and of the elaborate plantation. Visit of the Pagoda Phuoc Hau

Transportation to Saigon and reaching in the late afternoon

Day 07: SAIGON – CU CHI TUNNEL ( Breakfast, Lunch & A ; Dinner )

Here you will larn of the local people ‘s long and hard battle against impregnation bombardment during the Vietnam American war.

Day 08: SAIGON – End of services ( Breakfast )

Transportation to airport aˆ¦ End of our services


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