When you conduct business globally sometimes conflict might arise. This is why it is important for company to be prepared for situations where they might have to pursue legal actions against a foreign business partner from another country. Laws that are different around the world and it is important to understand the laws and their policies in international business. One of he considerations that a company has to take is if they should pursue their legal action and if it will cause turmoil between the two countries that are involved.

The advantages and disadvantages when it comes to dealing with a subleasing agreements is that even though an advantage would by that by expediting monetary gain potential when subleasing, there are so the risk factor. Academe has to consider any ramifications of loss of control over their licensed technology. That is why when negotiating subleasing agreement it s important to provision to protect controls for the interested party.

When legal conflict arises the only question to ask is if local customs and law prevail over the company this operating abroad. In the end the local customs and law override the company that is operating. Before going into a businesses agreement the company that is operating abroad typically has to sign an agreement that says they will comply the local laws and the custom, this is a high risk that the company has to take versus conducting business in their home country.

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