The self-awareness imperative: peter Adler (1975) a noted social psychologist, observes that the studying of intercultural communication begins as a Journey into another culture and reality and ends as a Journey into one’s own culture. * Ethnocentrism: a tendency to think that our own culture is superior to other cultures. It meaner we assume subconsciously that the way we do things is the only way. 2.

The demographic imperative: the characteristics of a population especially as classified by race, ethnicity, age, sex, and income. * The population reference Bureau (PROS) computed a diversity index showing that the highest ethnic diversity is concentrated in the southeastern and southwestern regions of the US. Minority are projected to increase especially in the south, southwest, and west. * More women working why? First, economic pressures have come to bear; more women are single parent’s and even in tow parent families, it often takes two incomes to meet family expenses.

Second, the women’s movement of the sass and sass resulted in more women seeking careers and Jobs outside the home. More ethnically and racially diverse workforce because of civil rights efforts. * Changing immigration patterns The United states is becoming heterogeneous. Heterogeneous: differences (s) in a group culture or population Homogeneous: similarity in a group, culture or population. Diversity: the quality of being different Immigrants: people who come to a new country, region, or environment to settle ore or less permanently. Relationships with the new immigrants: relationships residents and immigrants between old-timers and newcomers have often been filled with tension and conflict. Amniocentesis: using Anglo or white cultural standards as the criteria for interpretations and Judgments of behaviors and attitudes Melting pot: a metaphor that assumes that immigrants and cultural minorities will be assimilated into the U. S majority culture losing their original cultures.


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