In the recent old ages, a concern which uses cyberspace engineering seems to derive more profitable gross than any other concern. The use of cyberspace engineering in the proper manner additions the concern in many ways like acquiring a planetary exposure, new clients, and new thoughts on merchandise development etc. In this study, making cyberspace based concern for touristry for the topographic point columbiana which is an independent island in Caribbean is discussed. The treatment is made on understanding the nucleus concern, the of import critical success factors of the concern, good advantage of utilizing internet advantage to this touristry and developing functional specification & A ; execution stairss.

2.0 Core Business of the Organization & A ; Schemes

Business scheme is about working on the less bad anticipations than the end product consequence will be able to reciprocate instantly to the existent occurred alterations ( Jack Welch,2005 ) .

The nucleus concern of this organisation is acquiring money from the tourer visitants by supplying a batch of attractive forces. As there are tonss of tourers attraction the concern can be grown easy. The topographic point has many historical edifices so that they can pull people who are interested in the researching historical memorials and research the ancient twenty-four hours populating manner. As there are hotels built up near bay, they provides an first-class position of the sea and researching the beauty of the dawn and sundown in the sea gives enormous pleasance to tourist visitants. The chief facet of the organisation is to make occupation chances to the local people and besides to develop new markets for the tropical agricultural merchandises which are produced at that topographic point. In order to develop the touristry experience, schemes have been made by organisation. The schemes are to be followed.

2.0.1 Enhancing installations

The columbiana touristry industry is to increase the available services and experiences for the new and reverting visitants. By increasing the quality of service it will be a turn-on to the columbiana touristry industry. If the add-on of subject Parkss and amusement activities are increased so they will besides a crowd drawing factor for the touristry industry. Enhancing the installations will be gives a great client satisfaction and so the opportunities of acquiring the perennial visitants for the touristry can be achieved. This will heighten the economic system of the columbiana touristry.

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2.0.2 Research

As per hypertext transfer protocol: //, the research activities on touristry are besides to be developed to back up the activities such as selling, investing attractive force, and merchandise development. The researches will assist the columbiana touristry to happen out the chances to heighten their touristry. The researches are besides used to research new advanced ways of thoughts for the improvement of the touristry industry. The research might besides assist in mark selling, investing chances for the other state people. There are more opportunities to eliminate the negatives of the columbiana touristry through these researches. The research is besides applicable to the authorities which provides visa for the tourers. These researches might assist visitants burthen on the visa formalities. The research will be made on the available option wherever the columbiana touristry can be put into shows.

2.0.3 Probe

Probe to be done on researching the new chances for heightening the experiences for visitants in countries like historic sites, recreational country and Parkss to be made. The topographic points of columbiana will be more investigated in sea and land and the chances available to make new attendings to tourers will be investigated. If the probes turned out to be positive so the edifice of the peculiar landmark will be put into work. In the historic sites information Centres will be put into work which will be really helpful for the visitants to cognize about the historical topographic point.

2.0.4 Trade Mission and Symposium

The trade missions and investing symposiums will be used to ease the investors involvement in the touristry industry. These trade missions and symposiums will do more investors to put in columbiana. This is appreciable factor for the growing of the columbiana touristry. If more trade symposiums are to be conducted by the authorities of columbiana so the possibility of acquiring more attending throughout the universe will be possible. If the forest investings were made on columbiana it serves more occupation chances to the columbiana people every bit good as aid in columbiana ‘s economic system growing.

2.0.5 Service Sector

The degree of services will be increased in the services sector. Encouragement in touristry will be increased by upgrading the travel services in columbiana. Selling will be done on best bring forthing domestic and international flight bearers. More runs will be made on the regular flights to columbiana. These runs will pull the people who are in the airdrome and who uses flights. The selling will be besides done on the best international bearers. These good executing air hoses might already good noticed by the people. So if the selling run is done utilizing these good executing bearers there are more opportunities to draw the crowd from other states.

There are transporting services to columbiana. So the sail traveling to the state will besides be put into runs. This will give more attending towards the columbiana touristry.

The installations available in the service sectors such as hotels will be extremely enhanced. If the quality and scope of services provided by the hotels are enhanced so it creates more enjoyable memories to the visitants. So the opportunities of acquiring perennial visitants for the peculiar hotel additions. Facilities like watering place, rub downing and mind loosen uping activities to be provided for the international visitants.

2.0.6 Cultural Programs

The authorities is be aftering to include more figure of cultural events throughout the topographic point. So that these events will showcase the tradition of the columbiana land and therefore they provide mind blowing experience for the visitants from other states. More figure of stores will be kept near the cultural plan auditoriums. These stores will sells out the reliable stuffs of the columbiana land.

2.0.7 Restaurants

The installations of the eating houses will be increased really much. The nutrient points will be prepared by maintaining international visitants in head. Availability of celebrated culinary arts will be made available in all the eating houses so that they will do the visitants savoring place nutrient experience. Different assortment of nutrient point will be prepared for the extended assortment of gustatory sensations.

2.0.8 Transportation system

More figure of bike and motorcycle stores will be kept throughout columbiana. This will be helpful for the visitants who would wish to go the topographic points through their coveted manner of conveyance. Furthermore this will assist in increasing the sing client satisfaction.

The schemes which were designed by the administration were discussed and the critical success factors for the concern are besides to be analysed.


In any administrations making to their visions and the end will be determined with the usage of critical success factors. There are limited Numberss of countries for a peculiar administration to guarantee that they attain satisfactory consequences in their mission. So for the execution of the success factor the house has to find the critical factors ( Asher, 1996 ) .

The critical success factors for the columbiana touristry are institutional construction, client satisfaction and service quality.

3.1 Institutional Structure

hypertext transfer protocol: // % 20text % 20_Dieke_.pdf, the ministry of columbiana touristry should acquire full cooperation from other ministries of the authorities. Sing an illustration, in the country of route ways it is the chief precedence for columbiana touristry whereas it might be given the low precedence in the allocated appropriate ministry. So this factor has to be taken into consideration really significantly as it deals with the client satisfaction. Similarly if the in-migration section give less precedence to the tourer related paperss so it might take to diminish in client satisfaction.

The voices of travel agents, campaign operators, car engaging agents, hotel and trade brotherhoods should be taken into consideration. They provide really valuable information for the growing of the development of the touristry.

3.2 Customer Satisfaction

If the experiences of visitants turned out to be positive so it is a existent appreciable factor for the touristry section. Customer satisfaction leads to the selling technique called word by oral cavity, which creates more consciousness to the people of other states about the touristry industry. So for increasing the client satisfaction in columbiana, inclusion of many activities should be done. The topographic points of visits should supply the clients to experience good.

The touristry industry should supply more attractive forces than any other touristry in order to acquire high degree of client satisfaction.

3.3 Service Quality

The services provided by assorted section of the touristry should accomplish high quality of criterions. These criterions can be achieved by following certain practises. The service quality will hold a great impact on client satisfaction. So this plays a critical function in finding the growing of the touristry economic system.

There can be inclusions of more attractive forces in the touristry industry. But keeping the quality of service in those attractive forces should be taken attention of. The topographic points of memorials and ruins have to be decently maintained and have to supply great sing experience to the visitants.

4.0 Key Benefits of utilizing Internet for this Tourism Business

The use of cyberspace in the columbiana touristry will supply tonss of benefits for the growing of the touristry. The chief cardinal benefits are given below.

4.1 Exposure

The touristry web site can be seen throughout the universe via cyberspace. So this will be a great chance for the colombiana touristry for pulling visitants globally.

4.2 Campaigning Cost

Exposing information on the cyberspace will give immense attractive force all over universe. This can be achieved at really inexpensive cost when compared with other types of run. So touristry can be developed at minimized selling cost and acquiring immense money on investing.

4.3 Revenue through Advertisement

The proviso of exposing advertizements in the web site will add gross to the columbiana touristry industry. As the touristry industry will be acquire noticed easy by the assorted people around the universe, the people of hotels, car hires etc. wants to draw people to their services. So they will set advertizement in the touristry related website and so this helps in gaining really good income for the tourer industry.

4.4 Easy entree to Facilities

The visitants of the touristry industry can happen out the services offered by the touristry industry really easy. They are besides given the inside informations about the pricing costs and related information. So website provides like a enchiridion and usher to the visitants. It can besides supply inside informations on the available hotels, pools, eating house and H2O forepart etc.

5.0 Developing a Functional Specification and execution stairss for the web site and to finalize the IT/IS scheme for the administration

The figure 1 given in appendix is the design of the web site for the touristry. This web site will hold all the inside informations related to the columbiana touristry. In the fist page of the web site inside informations about the columbiana touristry will be put into show. There is a proviso to follow the other links related to touristry. This links will assist the users to happen out the inside informations related to touristry of columbiana. There are options for the users to acquire periodic update from the columbiana touristry. Whenever there is an update in offers and related things, the subscribed receiving system will acquire mail from the touristry. Social bookmarking option is besides provided for the users so that they can portion the website information in the societal bookmaking sites. This will assist touristry industry to catch batch of attending from the people around the universe. There is a proviso for reaching touristry representatives in the web site. There is besides infinite allocated for exposing the advertizements of the touristry related operators. This will be a great installation for the visitants as they can book suites in progress.

For the long term planning and direction the scheme used in information engineering is called as IS/IT Strategy ( Ward and Peppard, 2002 ) .

As seen from the above figure, we could under stand that the proper planning and Strategy preparation can be jointly known as IS/IT scheme procedure. The IS/IT scheme procedure have different phases for the execution.

In the first phase, there should be a consideration of execution programs by the IT Development with regard to the interfaces between the developed scheme and the application.

In the 2nd phase, while incorporating the application procedure there might be hazard of failure in the system or malfunctioning in the system. This should carefully monitored by the direction. These system related operations will hold to focussed in each country and besides has to carry through direction information system required precedences.

In the 3rd phase of execution, the focal point is based on the application execution. This has to be performed in the manner where they should be performed in cost effectual.

In the 4th phase of execution, new thoughts and originative thought can be put into design. This will give high sum of attractive force and besides provides competitory advantage over the rivals and therefore bring forthing a batch of possible income through advertizements.

In the concluding phase, the execution will be done by uniting the concern schemes with the IS/IT schemes. In this phase all the necessary strategically developed thoughts will be combined for deriving more competitory advantage.

6.0 Decision

The nucleus concern of the columbiana touristry is to be developed by the concern scheme made by the touristry. Based on the crtical success factors, factors were determined. The cardinal benefits of presenting cyberspace for this concern for the given demands were discussed exhaustively. The functional specification was made up for cyberspace concern and execution stairss were discussed and if these were followed by the columbiana touristry so they will give high visitants annually.


Asher, M. , 1996, Pull offing Quality in the Service Sector, Kogan Page

Welch J, 2005, “ winning ” , Harpers Collins publishing houses, NY.

Ward, J. , and Peppard, J. , 2002 “ Strategic Planning for Information Systems ” 3rd ed. , QND ; John Wiley & A ; Sons

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